Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first time be the photographer

This is the first time i be the photographer, my old friend wedding, I was invited to help to shoot photo. I a bit worry, coz all the time I shooting as my hobby, but this time shooting the real event, and no second time, so I have to becareful... here to show show the pretty bride I have shoot. :P

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chiling Waterfalls at Christmas

It was a last minute decision to follow my friends to The Chiling Waterfalls. It location at Kuala Kubu Bharu where near to Fraser Hill. Before I join it, I totally have no idea which waterfall we going. Coz I have refuse the invitation at the early state, :)
We move at 830 morning, but as usual we late a bit. Another new group of friends again, total have 11 person, and only 4 guys including me. We arrived the destination around 11am, and it's took us around 30 minutes to walk (should be trekking, haha) to Chiling Waterfalls. It's a light raining day, so I not dare to use my SLR camera to shoot while we trekking to the waterfall.
We need to pass cross 5 river to reach the waterfall. It's a cold and rainy day. While we reach there, I start shooting photo even it's still rain, but I don't want to miss it. We jump from the rock, swimming, feeding the fish, picnic.... and spend around 1 and the half there.

Thanks to Ah Jon and his friend, Mr "Yan" (if no mistake). Both them have wonderful trekking experience and be our guide leader to make sure we not get lost and safe while trekking.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to myself!!!

Wanna to tell all my friends, I very happy and touching during my current birthday... The surprise which I never expected... :)
Same as last year, nothing special during the exact birthday. Still don't have any dating, coz the same, I really wish to celebrate if have GF. :P

Got a gift from friend, E Card, and Cake again, really appreciate all the friends. Last year I bought a Croc for myself, this year I also plan to buy something for me, but still planing, if I really bought for myself, will post here to show off... haha, happy birthday to me again... yeah!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wedding Dinner at JB and my surprise b'day

19th Dec, all of us from KL again to JB, this time is for Vteck & Stella wedding. We reach JB around 12, and have our lunch at Skudai, simple lunch but very nice taste... After lunch, it's still early for Check-in, so ladies went for shopping, and Guys go for snooker. Actually I was a bit not feeling well that day, cough and flu still not yet cure... However, it's a trip, so I will try my best to enjoy it.. After check-in, all the guy go for drinking, of course I drink 100 plus, not feel so well mar.. :)

Night time, we go Karaoke for dinner, I really enjoy during Karaoke, as I like to sing even not that good.. haha.. Vteck joining us around 9, and having the fantasy hour there. Me didn't really drink much and worry will handover another day. Around 12++ they bring in the birthday cake to celebrate for me. I expected they will do it, coz the package they choose for the karaoke session is with cake. However, really thank to my friend (actually this a fake birthday party, another suprise they had plan...)

Saturday morning, we went to Vteck house, having a simple ceremony in his house... afternoon, ladies went to shopping again, guys went back hotels but I went look for my ex-colleague, they just arrived JB and also attending Vteck wedding too.
During the wedding dinner, I meet with my other ex-colleague, we chat a lot "stupid" thing. As usual, I'm stupid mar. haha, I consider drink lot, I guess got more then 5 bug of beer. When the dinner end, I was call to go inside the ballroom to have the photo shooting, who know, when the moment I step in again, they play the birthday song, I really a big suprise. They just celebrate my birthday the day before. And now, they celebrate again in the 5 star ballroom, really touching, thanks to all my friends, I will never forget it...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Idle Talk...

During the weekend, back to Kajang house... I read the newspaper (I only read newspaper when back Kajang, lazy to buy newspaper when stay outsite), and found some interesting article, it's about the working environment "坏上司害你心脏病" mean the bad boss harms you a heart attack... it's from a Sweden research, that if working environment is bad, can increase the chances to get heart attack... I read that and 100% agree on that. Currently have some inccident happen in my company, really spoil my mood. And I check my high blood pressure, it's really increase too... However, sure I will take care myself... I will learn to act infront those peoples, coz I know who are they... haha...

Another thing, I really surprise when I see a Grasshopper die in my condo. I really scare grasshopper, but lucky it's die.... However, I stay at 24th floor, I really have no idea how this grasshopper will appear in my house. By Lift? by stair case? Suicine from the top floor?... haha, who know the answer? tell me... :P

Year End!!!

It's December again, and getting old again, my...... day..... is near.... haha..

Previously I thinking that my schedule will fully during the December, but when the time is come, it's a bit boring month. May be my schedule was too pack at the previous month, so sundently cool down and feel bore.

The year almost pass, a lot plan or wish still not success:
  • Re-decorate my house? plan for the pass 6 month, but still don't have any further step.
  • Diet, this is hard task for me :(
  • GF? what to do, I always play by those girls, so better dun think and just be friend.
  • Book, I bought a book for 1 year, still haven't finished :(
  • Learn cooking, thinking of this long long time, but still not start any... :(
  • Saving, still empty in my bank :(

Happy new year to all my friend, and it's time to plan for my next year plan...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthday Surprise again!!!

To Ah Bong, Happy Birthday!!! even the birthday surprise not 100% success, hope you enjoy it!

- We tell him that will celebrate Rachel birthday on 27th nite (actually none of us birhtday during that time, so just give a reason only)
- Ask Bong to buy a cake too (birhtday boy buy cake for himself, good idea, haha)...
- Gary printed out a hand made card.
- When Sing birthday song, we push the cake to him and mention his name.
- He a bit surprise (but actually he already suspect when he accidently hear convesation of Gary)
- Then he give us a surprise too, Bong have pay the bill already, should we pay for him ma....

My group of friends were arrange a lot of birthday party recently... May be we are too old, nothing much to do, so back to future and keep on given those surprises, haha

Surprise History:
Kevin, (Jan 2006) he is the first surprise we organise, 2 years ago... Gary purposely drive to Johor to fetch another group friend to KL to give him a surprise. Me bough him a flight ticket that wish he can go Cambodia with us (but still he not going with us, disapointed~~ )

Rachel, (June 2008)group of friend went out dinner with her, but I not, cos I have another friend gathering. However, after my friend gathering, I go get a cake, and direct meet them at her's house... before that, all them didn't tell her that we set that dinner is for her birthday. But when the time I bring the cake there, she accidently saw that and already suspect but keep quiet.. haha...

Yand Sen, (Nov 2007)we ask him to Ampang Lookout Point for dinner, tell him that one of us have promote and want belanja makan. At teh restaurant, he keep on saying that a lot ppl celebrate birthday in there. When the time he saw another cake and another birthday song, he still asking us guess where that cake will go to... and end up the cake is arrive infront of him and stop there... This is the first time we celebrate with him, and he really not realize that and very touching...

Gary & Tracy (Sep 2008), we ask both them out for drinking, at Sui Xin as what we normal did everyweek... but this time a bit special because Kevin, Bao, Bong, Yan Shin all of them appear together. I also a bit worry that Gary will notice why sundent all friends come. But Lucky he not... however, even the surprise is cheap, but still valuble mar... haha

Ah Bao (May, 2007), we just ask him to Gary house for drinking, without letting him know we will buy cake... even it's just a normal, but as long as he's enjoy it!!!

Eva (Nov 2008), we call her that mention want to give Yand Sen another birthday surprise, but actually the Birthday Surprise is give to Ping Ping too, yeah! What so special this time? we actually plan to direct go Yand Sen house to give him a surprise first, but end up only me and Bao can make it. Then go for steamboat, Kevin joined us there... then, Gary actually already tell us that he just back from China that nite, so cannot join us this time. But then, around 830+, Gary come with Tracy(I SMS Gary our location and time).. then this time all of them really surprise!!!. haha... Gary not going back home yet and direct meet us here....he really 伟大... The birthday cake is wrote Eva (ping ping) and Wall-e (Yand Sen) haha... creative? and their baby look like Japanese, so cute....

KP (Nov 2008), we drive all the way to Johor to celebrate with him, and a blog at my previous blog :P

who the next birthday? it's ME, hahaha, what my surprise? they already mention not celebrate is the big surprise to me. haha... so I just wait lor... TRY TO MAKE MY CRY, FRIENDS!!!!!! haha

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A special and moody Friday nite

Some incident was happend during this 2 days, and almost spoil my mood...

Friday nite, actually have a dinner with friend, but she was sick and have to cancel it. At the same time, I knew my mood will going down if I stay alone at home, so I called Gary and asking him have any plan or not.

So, we were met at Sunway Pyramid for dinner, and Ryan joined us too. With 3 guy, what we can do? Pub? Drinking? Honestly, it's month end, I almost finish all my pocket money to clear some of my CC. So I wish not to spend too much... After finished the dinner, we decided to go for BOWLING, yeah!!! A quite special suggestion and this was our first time play bowling together (according to my memory, but memory always not real <- this theory is from Yan Shin, haha). After 2 games, of course I win 1 game, haha. Then we go for second round, snooker... We were playing a lot during college time, but seldom playing it for the pass 3 years.

Around 1am++ we dismissed and it's time for Gary to fetch Tracy back (Tracy was having gathering with her schoolmate)

2am at home, I keep on thinking what had happen in my office during the pass 2 days. and it's make me cannot sleep....

After my ex-branch manager left this company, I knew the inccident will happened, but all the time I thinking that my management trust me, after 3 years I working here, they should be able to know my performance. They told me my Ex-branch Manager complaining me, but I not that stupid, I know who are the traitors, I never complain them doesn't mean they are doing well, just I dun want to invoid in company politic. As long as the management appreciate my work, then I will happy. I was keep on thinking all this during the whole night, almost 4am, I still cannot fall in sleep, it's really a long night for me... SAD~~~~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Office Office Office!!!

Morning, hear some bad commend from office... actually I have a bit not happy, but after a while, I just cool down myself. I knew I really did something wrong, but still feel a bit dissapoint... I working here for more then 3 years, if you ask me, I can sure that I really commit my work here and do a well job. However, all still depend on the management, if they think u not, mean you really not.

In office, I always act cool, I not even speak much, not like my real character(I can talk a lot nonsence, play crazy....) because I just always think that working place should be more serious, not to play there... That why I not really like to chat nonsence in office, even Skype I also won't use for chating, only use for discussion with other colleagues.

Office Politic, which I always trying to avoid from it. However, non matter how you avoid, how you do your work well, still have some traitor will talk bad about you. All the time I just don't like to social with others, and doing my own work. I don't like to entertain or sweet talk with superior because I think if I do my work well and those superiors should know it. But in real world, non matter how good of your job, by 1 word, a traitor can pull you from up and push you down to the hell... This is the real working world. However, non-matter what happen, I still myself, don't like to explain, even others misleading, just let them be.

Just hope those stupid office politic can get far away from me, I just want to enjoy my working environment and do my job well....

Monday, November 17, 2008

KP 的生日惊喜!


十一月十五号,我们一班朋友从吉隆坡到柔佛给即将生日的KP一个大惊喜。从吉隆坡的我们有:Gary, Tracy, Kevin, Rachel, Ryan 以及我。

  • 十一点早上从吉隆坡出发去马六甲接另一个朋友,Sylvia。
  • 五点多,到了JB酒店Check in。
  • 一路上都有与KP的女友,佩芝联络,以确保计划顺畅。
  • 六点半,等待另两个来至新加坡的朋友到酒店,Vteck 和Stella,刚刚新婚:http://vtecklah.blogspot.com/
  • 七点,佩芝如计划带KP到我们已约定的饭店吃晚餐。而我们就在附近等待他们进饭店。然后再进去给他一个大惊喜,说真的,我还有点紧张呢。看到KP开心而又有点受惊的样子,还很高兴计划成功。Yeah!!!
  • 九点多,一个欢欢乐乐的晚餐后,我们到KP店里兜一兜,我也在附近买了很多DVD,五块而已,还买五送一呢。
  • 那么远来到JB,当然要去颠一颠,我们的第二个目的地,就是位于The Zone 的一间Disco,很久没去Disco了,开始还有点不习惯,酒喝得越多时,又看到朋友们越来越High,我也开始慢慢颠了上来了。有点返老还童的感觉,哈哈。。。
  • 凌晨两点了,有呕吐的,有的半醉的,有累的,有清醒的。而主角既然没有倒地,只是有点呕吐过后清醒了,有点失望,哈哈。当我步出Disco,才发觉我真的很累了,哈哈。
  • 大家在附近的mamak喝点茶,讲了点酒后话(不是我喔),过后便回酒店休息。

第二天,Vteck 和Stella也回新加坡了,而我们和KP吃了午餐后,便起程回吉隆坡。一路回时,我们还到了Muar吃Otak-otak,然后又去马六甲吃Satay Celup。Ryan一路都测试他的GPS导航系统,由于还不熟导航系统用法,也累了我们走了点冤枉路,哈哈。回到家,已经是十一点多了。真的是一个多姿多彩的周末。。。



Friday, November 14, 2008

"YOU" must miss me a lot

For the pass few week, I knew you were miss me alot, and also I keep on controlling myself, keep on telling myself dun want to see you, this not the best time meet you. Coz I knew once I see you, I will be very very suffer.... but a few week, I have to surrender now... I really tire, you want come, just come, I let you WIN.... Flu, cough, fever... three of you, why must come together... you sure knew I busy recently, but why still want to visit me ler?

Tuesday, I have to take a MC and rest at home, it's really time to rest....

Specially Wednesday, when I step into the office, I already feel I cannot walk well, but I have work today, as I have interview and have a meeting in office... Sleep in pantry during lunch time, my first time do that, and I really fall in sleep and not just close my eye... damn sleepy after took the medicine... and even have to cancel my dinner appointment that night... :(

Not only that, this week really a busy week, need to have discussion with friend for his project. and also have a new freelance (help friend only)... after the first medicine, I really not dare to continue take again, coz I need to keep myself waken, if not cannot focus on my work and make mistake. :P

As for my work, I keep on looking for new designer for my company, but still have no one fix the requirement... after a few week, I decide to get a fresh and train him up, but cann't get the approval from top management, so still have to wait... Hope can get someone to help me, even I still can handle the job, but I hope can pass some of my work to others, then I can focus on other things and make my department more valuable.

Sunday, November 2, 2008



看回我最近blog,既让去了很多地方,想一想,真的也浪费了很多钱$$$$$$,哈哈。有个朋友还很羡慕我可以到处游玩,也开玩笑说我在Show Off。。。不过我并不是想告诉任何人什么,只是想可以将我的回忆写在这,而每当我看回自己旅行,甚至那些无聊和悲哀的文章,会令我觉得很高兴,有如所有的事情在昨天才发生。。。


*(To my friends)期待明年的二月二十八号。。。你们应该知道吧!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Port DIckson 一夜游

27日是假期,也一早被朋友约定去Port Dickson了。这是一班刚刚认识一两个月的朋友,很期待的一个假期。我们选了Eagle Ranch Resort,并不是什么五星级度假村。而我是觉得他们的概念很好,有西方式牛仔的房间,蒙古式的,马来式的,而还有蛮多的户外活动。。。最重要是他们的价钱便宜,哈哈。

26日,星期日,一早我还是一样的打羽毛球,不过才一个小时。然后准备十点半去载其他的朋友启程我们的PD之旅。。到了PD,我们吃午餐,原想去酒店Check In,可是还没到时间,所以就去了附近的沙滩走走。也在那沙滩,大家决定来一个Sea Canoeing,所以过后我们Check In了酒店,又到会哪儿Canoe。。。由于我们人数蛮多,所以特别安排人带我们去另一个沙滩,当然是canoe到哪儿咯。。。还蛮累的,另一边的沙滩也比较干净,所以大家也跳下水玩。。。而在我要canoe回目的地时,发生了一点小意外。。。我和Ryan的canoe既然进水了,还越来越满。开始还以为我们配合不到,过后由于水越来越满,而我们也平衡不到了,也翻船了。还要慢慢的拉回船回岸,真是可怜,不过又很刺激。。。


第二天我当然Hang Over,而房间又很热,所以也睡不到很顺。而原本要玩些户外游戏也没玩到,过后大家就回KL吃午餐。。。午餐后就各自回家,就在我们一车回着时,突然有人建议去Karaoke,哈哈。。。就这样,Karaoke直到七点,各个也开始露出累的样子了,才真正的回家休息。。。

Saturday, October 18, 2008

公司晚会@Jogoya, 17/10/2009

延迟了几个星期的Company Dinner终于真正的实行了,而地点是位于Star Hill的Jogoya。我是第五次去了,真的有点闷,虽然他们有很多款料理和各式各样的食物,但就是没一样特别好吃,全都是普通而已。






- 三天两晚Bangkok加个人飞机票
- 三天两晚Phuket加个人飞机票
- 吸尘机加RM250现金
- 微波炉- MP4机
- RM100现金


- 三天两夜Copthorne Penang,Studio Suite Room, 应该是不错的房间吧!
- 两天一夜Parkroyal KL,五星级的呢,还可以用VIP的服务,不错吧?
- 两天一夜Hotel Helang Langkawi,这个比较普通,而我也刚刚从Langkawi回来,所以没什么兴趣,也给了我的同事。
- Hotel Istana Massage礼卷,只是一个人而已,还在想要不要去呢,哈哈哈

Saturday, October 11, 2008


十月十日,来自马六甲的朋友,Sylvia 来了吉隆坡,也带了她的爱尔兰男朋友来。我们约定了一起吃午餐,Gary 和 Tracy 当然也一起来了。爱尔兰的朋友,应该叫Alan吧,他说话很斯文所以我听不清楚他的名字。。。不好意思:P。在午餐时,由于我的英文是有限公司,所以也没和他说到很多话,而我也需要回公司做工,所以吃了午餐便和他们说Bye bye,而Gary就陪他们喝酒喝到四点多。。。

过后,由于Alan喝到很High,所以邀我们晚上再出来喝,过后Gary 便call 来说第二场将在Thai Club,可是由于Alan没有长裤而我们便改去The Curve。当然,Bao 和 Kevin 也一起来。。。我们的爱尔兰朋友,真的是如闻名中的喝酒强手。他还试过连续三天三夜不停的喝酒,而那三天的记忆,他也完全模糊,真的是佩服佩服。。。对他们来说,啤酒真的是他们凉茶,没酒就没了人生意义,哈哈。。。

Monday, October 6, 2008





Sunday, October 5, 2008





晚餐后,当然要啤一啤咯,大家就去了附近的一个雪花啤酒喝酒(我也带表妹回家先,不然会被舅舅骂的,哈哈)。至于所谓的“雪花”又是有什么不同呢?就如名字,倒出来的酒,会变成冷滨滨的雪,有如它的名字“Snow White Beer”,如果你没试过,我可以带你去,当然酒钱你来付。。哈哈。由于我载表妹回而迟了,所以我一到大家就逼我一下喝三杯,当然没问题咯,哈哈。。。也在这时,我的best best gang 来电,说也要出去啤一啤,开始是想去Alexis,可是由于太多人而换去Mont Kiara一带。而我也在结束了雪花酒再去我的第三场节目。。。

第三场:Mont Kiara
至于这是我的Best Best Gang,当然不会闷咯。而我也是第一次去那一带(Mont Kiara 附近一个新地区),也有点意外,星期六晚,既然会没什么人潮。可能是新的地区还没被发掘吧!


Friday, October 3, 2008

红酒 @ Divino Bangsar

就在马来人新年的前夕,约定了一班朋友一起去Divino,位于One Bangsar 的一间红酒屋。也在那享受了我们的晚餐。至于对红酒没什么经验的我,也只是去那凑凑热闹而已。如果要我分别红酒类型,我也只知道Merlot 和Shiraz 而已。我比较喜欢Merlot,因为对我来说味道比较顺点,而Shiraz就比较辣。

八点半,我们开始了红酒餐,我点了羊扒为我的晚餐,说真的,他们的价钱比我想象中的还便宜,而且还很好味。一向对吃喝都没什么研究的我,既让然我喜欢上了他的羊扒。通常在其他的西餐厅都是十成熟的,而这里的就是七成熟,肉里还可以看得见隐隐红红的肉色(印象中,我只是在Prince Hotel里的buffer吃过类似的羊肉)。

我们的第一支红酒是Pinor Noir,店员介绍一个比较轻微的红酒,有点果味的,也比较适合开胃喝。从中,我也知道了喝红酒是从味道较轻的开始,而白酒,是通常与你的餐一起喝,也没人喝了红酒再喝白酒。所以过后我们也一级一级慢慢的喝比较眬的红酒。最后我们总共喝了四瓶红酒,而其中一个还喝到需要躺在一边休息,而我也只是刚刚到位而以,:)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paintball War!!!! at Isirimba

二十七号,计划已久的paintball终于开战了。。。我们选了接近国家动物园的Isirimba战场 (http://www.isirimba.net/)!!!







Thursday, September 25, 2008







Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bangkok Trip at September 2008

Yeah, the 4 days 3 Nigths trip to Bangkok finally end. I won't write much, as Gary already have a very detail trip story from his blog. so I just don't want to use my lousy english to write it again, you can read from there... Me a bit lazy to write so long... may be a few days later will write in Chinese. yeah!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


没想到,我还会因为看戏而掉眼泪。。。由于已没了夜生活的习惯了,而我也差不多天天留在家里看Astro On Demand,今天还看到流眼泪。。。因为真的很感动,也可能今天比较累和也闷闷不乐,所以比容易被感动。。。 paisei tim... 不过Astro真的陪了我很多闷闷又无聊的晚上。。。哈哈


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Family Trip @ Langkawi

Finaly, the 3 days 2 night trip was end, I really enjoy during this trip. As for the hotel, we stay at Holiday Villa Langkawi. There have big swimming pool and Jaccuzi (but I didn't try both, no enough time), confortable room, clean beach... but the services a bit slow, what to do, Malay Staff always do thing slow...

The famous Marine Park, Pulau Payar, sure we will go :)....Actually I have been there a few times, but snorkeling, still my favarite. This time I choose to go the Floating Platform, as my mum said dun want snorkeling, so at least she can enjoy on the Platform, and also I never experience the Platform also.

After snorkeling trip, me and my brother go for some Spa Treatment. that why I have time to swimming and enjoy the jaccuzi.. haha...

Another thing, actually I plan to go Phuket with family, coz I really like the Phuket lifestyle and hope to bring my Mum to experince it too. Because of the flight is full during that date, so I just decide to go Langkawi. After back from Langkawi, we only knew that Phuket Airport was closed down... it's really lucky for us. However, at 16 September, I have a trip to Bangkok, hope the Thailand situation will be fine soon...

Friday, August 29, 2008






Thursday, August 28, 2008

Water Rafting in Gopeng

Wish to join the xtreme sport long time ago, but just didn't success plan it out with friends... This time, my friends was organize the short trip to Gopeng just for the water rafting.... Of course I won't miss this oppotunity.

Before trying, I a bit worry about this will be a very dangerous sport and I scare, but after trying, it's just not as scary as I think, and really enjoy the game. The bad thing is none of us have any underwater camera, so we just miss the shoot while rafting. :P

After the trip, we went to Ipoh for our dinner. Guess what, this is the first time I eat the original "Ipoh Chicken + Tauge" rice. At "Restaurant Lou Wong". It's really nice and cheap!!! Finished the chicken rice, we continue have the "Wan Tan Ho" at the next shop, keng!!

It's a heavy rain when we moving back KL, as usual, all of them just slept like pig, and I have drive carefully, alone all the way... However, we still arrive KL safety, but I still need to meet my friend to get back my house key, coz they stay at my house previous day and I pass my key to them before I moving to Gopeng... Untill 2am++ only get back home. really a tire day...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008






也许为了顾及家人的意见 ,你们没有在一起。



你心中的这个特别的朋友...? 是谁呢?


Monday, August 18, 2008


Fullhouse Cafe,我朋友开的一间餐馆。位于Damansara Ara 的牛车水,这是我第二次去哪儿了。。。
星期六,又再去看一看,还是觉得很舒服的环境。Service,食物也有进步了。。我的朋友终于有在,和他谈了一下关于这间店的Idea,也明白了整个concept。。。真的觉得他的idea很好,他也和我谈起我们可以合作点东西,看看我有兴趣吗?说真的,我真的希望可以和他合作下,哈哈,不过还是需要谈一谈详细的东西。。 :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guys Shopping day? and Tracy also.... haha

Today is the last day SALES at Isetan, I told Ryan that Isetan have a great Sale. So we just planning to go shopping after badminton, then end up Gary and Tracy also going with us... and my secondary friend, Kert Keong. I believe this is my first time going shopping with my friends... However, all of us are very selfish on spend money, we only choose those 50% above item, haha... cheap mar...

After shop, we go the Leka Leka to have a drink, and also tried the SiSha. I have told Gary that I wanna to try it long long time ago, finally I have chance to try it, and appreciate Gary still remember what I tell him before... thank you ... haha... Me and Ryan just like "Orang Kampung", keep on shoot photo with that SiSha... Gary and Tracy just no eye to look at both of us.. coz we really like a kid.. haha, we also try the Leka-Leka Ais Cream, it's just nice, however, my taste sense is lousy, as long as can eat I will say it's nice, hahaha... if I say no nice, that mean the food really "cannot eat"... Kert Keong is the first time join Gary and Tracy, and I believe he should enjoy it, as he gain a lot "experience" from Gary... haha.. what is that experience? tell u later.. hehe...

However, today just a wonderful day for me.. yeah.....

Saturday, August 2, 2008




下午,朋友call来说要出去。我当然答应了,因为我也没什么planning。原本约了3点去找她,后来又换了去4点,再后来又改去6点,我真的生气了,因为答应了她过后,Tracy叫我去body massage,而我当然推了,因为已经有约了。而我的表妹也SMS我,说可以陪我如果我闷。。。如果她没讲过是3点出街,而是六点的话,我一定和Tracy去按摩先,或带我的表妹去看一看电影。后来结果我也没去找她,因为真的很生气了,虽然我很想去找一找她,但我觉得有种被人当小丑玩的感觉,喜欢叫我出就出,爱改时间就改,很不高兴。我宁愿闷,也不要再伤害我自己了。。。虽然我一向来都很随和,可是我不喜欢认人摆布。

We make them cry who care for us.
We cry for those who never care for us.
And we care for those who will never cry for us.
So I want to be, don't cry for them who never care of us.... haha
也想想,did anyone cry for me before?haha


Thursday, July 24, 2008






原本想upload几张最近拍的食物相片很和朋友分享,看来又要delay了。。。还有,八月约了几个朋友去玩Water Rafting,期望那天,也希望我可以安全回来,哈哈哈。。。至于八月三十一的假期,还没计划,可能在家闷吧!

无聊的Blog也真的可以让我平静下来。 :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kuantan Trip 5/7 - 6/7

First, even my friend commend that my English is lousy, but I don't care, I still want to write in English. smile~~~
- 5 July, a short trip to Kuantan, this is my second time to Kuantan...
- first time go travel with this group of friends.
- 6 of us, and a family of my friend's manager...
- At Swiss Garden Resort, which one of the best resort around Kuantan (I think... haha)...

For this trip, at first I 'm the only guy with these gals... haha, sound great, right? coz I planning to shoot photo alone around the beach... But coz I will feel shy if all girls, so I ask my friend to join also, as this is a budget trip, so he agreed... lately, another of my friend joined, coz he want to know some girls (me so bad, said my friend join coz of want to know gals)... and finaly become 3 girls, 3 guys... haha... and all are single and available... They actually have another group, but they coming with the whole family, so I didn't really join them much, just have dinner together. Actually each of us not really know each other. I also worry will a bit sien, but finally really enjoy it, all are playful and friendly... ;)

During this trip, it's really a very healthy trip. We enjoy the beach site, playing those outdoor activities, football, swimming... and really tire. night time after dinner, without enjoy the pub an the hotel, we all just direct sleep... imaging how tire they all... but not me, I just cannot sleep well the whole night, may be have home sick... haha.. kidding lar..

At Sunday, normally should wake up and ready to back home. But we just have a short boat trip to the small rock island... should have snorkeling, crab catching.... but coz the sea water not that clear, so we only climbing around that rock island... keep on shoot photo, swimming... then we back to beach to play the "surf board"... sound great, right? but I can tell you, really tire... Coz I'm the driver, I need to drive all the way to KL... all of them just sleep like pig in the car, I need to drive... :( .. but I still not that tire also, I also dun know why the whole trip I so awake... should be tire like hell!!!

actually we planning to go Genting when on the way back, but all are too tire, so we just decide back to KL have dinner... Ampang Look Out Point... a nice scene dinner place, this not my first time there, but it's the first time I bring camera... so I sure will shoot around lor.. haha

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Uncle

17th June, this is my uncle 60th birthday. He's sons organize a Birthday dinner with him. more then 20+ table and mention no Ang Bow, no Gift will receive... haha..

Well, the dinner really happening, and the food is nice. The first dish is Lopster!!! my cousin really enjoy it. then also have a lot food, and I hear for 1 table it 1k++... keng...

Beside the food, they also have some entertainment show. the more attractive is the "Change Face" (变脸)... the most famous show in China..

Lucky I bring my camera this time, coz can just shoot with all my relative.. I have a long time didn't gather with them, even the CNY I also didn't meet them... For this dinner, we just like a big family gathering, all relative, sit around and chatting around... they all purposely come from Malacca, Singapore.... just to join my uncle birthday... As usual, we are the last team ppl to left the dinner, coz once we gather together, we will never ending chating. it's a big gang, 30++ relative, non matter young or old, from year 10 to year 60, we all can just never stop chat and laugh... :)

More picture will upload to my Friendster soon :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008




Phuket的小吃还是不错,而且海滩还是那么的大。。。去了那么多次我还没有join过任何旅游行,是因为价钱还很贵。。。我也只是去了一次Sunshine Cruise,不过是一个人去。。。哈哈。希望下次可以真正的去享受下美丽的Phi Phi Island, Jamesbond Island, Kanoning...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008







Monday, May 12, 2008


上个星期三,总觉得我的身体有点怪怪,就是说不出是什么问题。。。可能是病吧?其实已告知了几个朋友我的情形,他们也建议我去看医生,可是我也不知如何告诉医生什么问题,因为我不知是心理作用,不够睡,还是病了???而这几天,我真得很累,睡眠很不够。。。我也没家人说过这些东西,因为不想我妈妈当心。。。有个朋友说可以陪我去看医生,我真的很开心,可是我比较想。。。。 哈哈,算了吧。。。别想了。。。



Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cameron Trip with my BEST GANG, Yeah

Before the Trip
2/5/2008, long time my house didn't gather so many friends already, just because of this trip. Some of them will stay at my house and we have a nice chat over the nite...

we have quite a lot ppl joining this time, around 13 ppl. and have 2 new girls joining this time also.

Arrive at Cameron
we arrive Cameron, yeah... we drive 3 cars, and really enjoy this trip. :)

Drunk Session
This is the best time we waiting for, before going to the trip, I already tell all my friends that must make me drunk. and... I really drunk.. hahaha... I really enjoy the drinking session, we still the best gang in my heart. I really appreciate all my friends.... However, I wanna to say sorry to my friends too, I didn't really join them all the time, because I have 2 friends join this time. I need to take care them too... I miss out a lot best time with my friends during the trip.. really regret now... sorry friends.... I promise I won't do that again.... the time with u all still is the best memory for me...

I have post up the picture, you can check it out...

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Monday, April 21, 2008




我不配 ~ song by 周杰伦

O 形血人的我。。。


最近有人和我说,O 形血的人是很挠性,还和我讲了一点O 形血的性格。我听了后,真的很同意。在科学来讲,O 形血可以供给很多类形的血,往往当一个人需要血时,O 形血就是他们救星。而在人缘方面,我觉得我往往是在朋友有问题时,才会想起我的。这可能是O 形血人的命运吧?哈哈

真的很想换一换血形,变成另一个Butt Lee,可能会好点吧?将所有的血流完,再重新输过比较烂的血。。。哈哈

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008



既然七点已开车上班了,很少那么早上班,驾下车才发现原来早上的路景也还不错。就拿了我的电话。。。拍了一拍。。。Quality 还不错吧!


最近,两个很久没见的朋友刚从外国回来,出来聚聚还很开心!在weekday还喝酒到high high dei。。。哈哈哈,也去了Lunar Pub和Aloha,这两间pub听了很久,终于有机会去了一下。。。