Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The day before CNY

A few week didn't wrote my blog, actually almost all the week have something on, just have no time to post it up (should be lazy, haha)
  • 10 January : Every year I will go Perak Dong (Ipoh) to have some pray. What I going to pray? normally are pray for my family and career only, but only will do it once or twice a year. haha
    However, I reach Ipoh around 4, but after 2 hours searching around. I still cannot found that temple I looking for. I been there more then 5 times, I really cannot beleave I cannot found that Temple :(, however they will close at 6, so I have to give up and back to KL after having the Ipoh Noodle. :)
  • 11 January : As usual have badminton on the morning session, then we hang out to have buffer lunch @ Xenri Japanese Cuisine (Old Klang Road). It's to celebrate Kevin's birthday, previously we have too many surprise party, so now just have a normal birthday celebration :P
  • 16 January : Bao call up and asking drink, and we choose Alexis as we want to try out the live Jazz Band long time ago, the place is nice, but the seat is a bit old, it's time for them to refurnish their seat. Before going Alexis, we having the dinner at Kiku Zakura, one of my favourite Japan Restaurant, but their food standard was drop, hope they can improve again.
  • 17 January : actually planned to go to Ipoh again and look for the Temple, but there was an incident happend last weekend, so I plan to delay the trip after CNY. And go for my CNY shopping with my couson sister.
  • 23 January : The CNY is near, and my old friend also back from Australia. I offer to fetch her from Airport as I worry have no time to meet her during her holiday, as she only will stay for 3 weeks this time.
  • 24 January : Another shopping with friends again, haha... at the same nite, we have Karaoke with Yan Leng and also have some new friends joining us too. Its really a happening night, I almost get drunk during that karaoke session.
  • 25 January : It's last day before CNY, stay at home the whole afternoon, because.... I keep on vomit after wakeup, drink too much during Karaoke lor. and everning have re-union dinner at home. Then night time go for movie, "Underworld 3", no really a nice movie for me....

and the CNY start!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my friend.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday Gift for Myself

Yeah, just to show off, I finally bought the HTC Touch HD for my birhtday, hahaha

New Year Party @ my condo

1/1/2009, Happy New Year to all my friends. It's a new begin again...

Tracy was organize a group of friends to have a steam boat at my condo. Early morning, guys have a healthy badminton, girls prepared for the steam boat. At first, we have around 18 persons to come my condo, but end up 4 persons were sick... however, it's still a lot of people in my condo first time, and also with 6 kids, very happening!

After lunch steam boat, I set up the Mahjong game, but this time is for girls only. Guy were chating, smoking, drinking.... the kids were enjoy their game, and they really make terrible noise...

Around evening, we still have a lot extra food, so we decide to have another steamboat... and finally we finished all the food... around 8++, all of them went back for rest, and I spend around 1 hour to clear up the house... hihi.. only 1 hour? of course, my condo small only mar.. but really have a wonderful day with my buddies.