Sunday, November 22, 2009


The weather making me not feeling well, I have flu, headache and some light fever recently. I just worry is it relate to H1N1, I already have advise from doctor. Even he said don't have any sign of H1N1, but me just keep on light fever, light flu, light headache... Just hope to back to normal, really boring about those light light sickness.. haha

Guess what, I wondering how is my recent high blood pressure. almost more than 1 month didn't check for it... With those light light sickness, I already prepare to get a high reading from the machine, but surprisingly, my reading is normal... I really cannot believe it, now I'm heavy headache, light fever, serious flu yesterday.... how come the reading still will normal... is it the machine broken? unbelievable...

Wondering should I change another high-blood pressure machine.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Macau + Hong Kong + Shenzhen trip

Another trip again? yeah, actually this trip was plan last year. with the zero rate promotion :)
Suggested by Avis, I rejected at the first time, coz I went Hong Kong before and want to save money (but still travel a lot)

End up, we have total 9 person to go, and I only know 3 person only. Others are first meet during the trip. 5 leng lui, 3 handsome and 1 fatty (me).. haha

22nd - 23rd Oct, Macau
I so grad that Air Asia let us change our depart time to afternoon without any charges. So we can arrive Macau 4 hours earlier.

Macau, a small city. we only stay for 1 night, so the schedule a bit rush. As this is a budget trip, so we only took bus and not Taxi. haha, actually I also not sure the hotel location, just simply try try. Thanks to Small Chan, he have the GPS so we manage to know the direction to Hotel. If not according to the map, we sure get lost.
After Check in, we have our first meal. BUT.... we choose the wrong restaurant, the food really not nice at all... However, I still finish, dun want to waste.. Next, we wanna to go Venetian, again, we take bus... a bit adventure, coz I'm the only one who have the map, all are depending on me... really a bit stress.. :P. Venetian, really a big resort, this is the first destination, we really shoot a lot and spend more time there. After Venetian, there have some incident happen, we try to take bus back to Macau City again, but... the Bus Stop given the wrong information, we been waiting more than one hour for the correct bus.... from 1115 to 1230.. at last, the bus didn't turn up, so we just take Taxi back to Macau City (even wasted our time, but I enjoy it... more like backpack style, haha)

At 23rd, we went to those attractions places, but due to the weather a bit hot, so some of them just decide to stop exploring. haha, so me and Ah Bao continue explore ourself. Around 4pm, we were start depart to Hong Kong by Ferry... There have some inccident happen during the Macau Custom, Bao lost his internary form, so got to re-fill again, and we miss the first ferry and got to wait another turn....

23rd - 26th, Oct
First night, we reach Hong Kong a bit late, around 6++pm, so we decide to move directly to Avenue Star with our luggage, as there will have a lighting perfomance at 8pm. With our luggage, we watch the lighting perfomance, walk through the Avenue Star, and reach the guesthouse almost 10pm, almost all are tired that time, a long journey from Macau to HK. Mid night, me and ah bao go walk around that area, a lot Negro and Indian around. It's okay for, coz I use to it when I back to my house. haha.

24th, it's the most expected internary we want to go. Disney Land.... and there have some extra show during this season, open until 11pm (normally is around 7pm), halloween matches, ghost house... Really enjoy. Even it's a peak season, we need to line up a long Q, but still enjoyable. We back around 11pm ++, we still didn't visit all the attractions.

25th, actually this should be a free and easy day (Shopping Day), but I want to go the Giant Buddha for some photo, then all of them also want follow, so we just go together. And this really wasted our time, coz we need to line a long Q again, and we decide to take the Bus to the Giant Buddhe, and take the Cable car down back. When the time we reach the bottom, original plan is shopping there, but it's run out of time. coz our next destination is The Peak, so we got to skip the shopping and directly go for The Peak, again.... another long Q to take the train.... hai~ My mistake, didn't count in that it's a weekend, all attractions should a lot people....

26th, as plan, we should move to Shenzhen at the earlier morning. But because we didn't shopping at all during the pass 3 days, so we decide to delay the schedule, and have some shopping tours. Bao not a shopping kaki, so he go walk around himself, and another 2 guys (Small Tan and Eric) already depart back to KL at the earlier morning. So only left me alone to follow these girls....

Even we stay4 night at Hong Kong, but I still find the time not enough. I didn't do much for shopping, what a waste. However, it's really enjoy with these gang even this is the first meet with them.

26th - 27th, Oct
haha, in Shenzhen, nothing special. What I can say is, we skip the "Window of World", as all the girls want shopping only... so, let's shop within the last 2 days.....

As usual... girls will crazy when shopping, all their luggage are full even no enough space to put in... the lucky thing is, our luggage didn't over weight... haha.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Bangkok Trip - 4/10 to 6/10

Another Bangkok trip again, I believe this is the 4th times I go Bangkok in 2 years time... Why will go again? too rich?... not really, just because of friends. Josh going with his lovely GF, June... If I not mistaken, Josh seldom have trip with us... So I just book the flight and go alone :P

Some of them Stay until 7/10 and some stay until 8/10. As I only for 3 days only..

Even I been there a few times, but still have some places I never visit. So for this time we went for Floating Market. Then the rest of the time were shopping, drinking, eating. haha...

As usual, Khao San Road still a place we must stay. Even stay there for 4 times, but still like that place a lot. A happening nightlife but not that wild as Patpong.

* Beside that, can test on my new camera too. :D