Monday, March 16, 2009

A conversation from my friend...

First, I didn't mean to hurt anyone, just would like to share something with my friends...

I know my friend is concern me, but I just got some offence feeling from the conversation...

francky speaking,i feel very sad cos u all i koe very kind ppl but u all not wan change ur mind n become a new ppl.jz wan told u,wan u have in tis world cant take together when everyone had leave tis world.

if u all not believe G(yehehua),no change v ur attitude and til use ur old mind to life,u ll feel very tong ku (mean suffer) cos tis not the real way

jz wan to tell u,hell is very tongku,is very kong bu (mean scary) place

when u had go inside the hell,u ll not get out forever, at the time u wan regret oso no use

of course,i koe everyone got freedom,got freedom to choise anything

God oso gv all ppl freedom to choose wan believe him o not?

God oso not force ppl to believe him.jz wan to tell u,if u in tis world not believe God n not change urself to good ppl.

at the end u ll go hell

There still have more to continue, just would like ask my friend, what your feeling after read the above conversation?

- concern me? I know, but is it the right way?
- I disagree it, am I stuborn?
- Am I really a bad ppl will go hell?

but from beginning, I never reply any bad word or commend back. I just mention dun like the "Hell" word keep on repeat. I agree I have some bad habit, but I dun think I doing wrong thing.

This is only 30% of the converstion, coz not good to put all...

Let's discuss, my friends...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bali 四日游。。。


- Avis (Ms Perfect Girl)
- Yean (Ms Cool Girl)
- Reiz (Ms Sexy)
- Daniel (Dacing King)
- Mark (Mr Dua Riggit. or Mr Nice Guy, not me already)
- 刚认识不久的Ester 和她的妈妈,在中途加入我们。
- Tracy 的弟弟与他的朋友们。