Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gua Temburung Trip

Avis suggested have a day trip to Gua Temburung 2 weeks ago, so we end up with 9 person and 2 cars... At first I tot I can skip driving this time, but still have to drive at the end :P

I start fetching them at 6:30am, coz we need to need to reach the destination (Gopeng) before 9:30am... around 200km from KL, not too far, but still need some distance. When we gather all the people, it's around 7:30. So I have speed up my car to avoid late.

The Cave tour took around 3 hours. we start with some stair case, then will start step into the real cave road with a tour guide leading. It's a bit hot at first, coz too many people for 1 round, around 25 to 30 person. With only 1 guide. can imagin how hard he need to take care all of us.

About the special on this tour... it's have some light at the begining, then after that we really need touch light. if not you won't see the flood cleary.

Exciting Part:
- we slide down around 20 feet.
- climb up and walk on those slippery rock
- lie down and pass over the cave
- Walk though the cave river to another side

Tuesday, August 18, 2009








Thursday, August 6, 2009



第一场,我被人攻击。。。当然是我赢了(我是SomoKing,Online Game 通常用的名称)

第二场,我回去报仇,谁攻我,我就攻回谁。。。 哈哈

第三场,对方又攻回我!!!忘了转回慢点的速度,不然他又会被我击败。。 :P




Monday, August 3, 2009

My weekend....

A bit bore... but still have plan on the previous weekend.. haha..

Friday, after work, yum cha with a few colleague. Guess what, this company environment is nice, most the staff are good also, but just don't know why we won't hang out together beside working hour... May be no one be the organizer, I think I will join if really have any outing lor. After that, go karaoke section with "ex" colleague, they last day on last friday, so can be ex-colleague now.. only 4 person during the karaoke, but never mind, as long as have song to sing, I can entertain myself already.... Here to wish all the best to Keong and Christopher. Even during working time... I not too many gossip with them, coz just dun want mix personal thing with work only.. I still can come out like crazy if no relate to "work".. haha

Saturday, long time we didn't have drinking beyond cheras area. Gary was suggest have drink on KL area, but because it's very jam. So we change the location to The Curve, at least not that jam... May be I getting older, I not really drink lot, even feel sleepy.

During the drinking section... one of them said I look different already, previously I will have a lot plan during weekend, and he always jealous about me... but what I think is, I really tire to hanging out, previously I might just go out without thinking, you ask then I go... but now a bit tire, need more time to rest at home... even my social might become small, but if a real friend, always a friend, not need meet everyday... haha

One more worst thing is, I keep on headace after drink recently, even 1 glass can make me headache another day... so on the other morning... hai~ same, headache, reall a weak body, but lucky still be able to play badminton on the morning.

Sunday night, my brother ask me to bring my grandmum for dinner... again, my grandmum asking the same question... I knew my mum and grandmum is waiting, but sometimes thing won't happen, nothing I can do also.. :D

so just wait ar... I will, but won't force myself... :P

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Krabi Trip, 3 Day 2 Night!!!!!

Finally back from Krabi, it's another family trip, and hope to continue every year, at least 1 trip with family...
For the trip, my elder sister finally pay for the flight, haha... Thank to her first...
My Brother pay for almost all the expenses and I pay for the hotel and search for the information.

Krabi, it's really a small area, the life there not as happening as Phuket. Not much tourist, may be not the peak season. but the beach is nice. my brother sisters enjoy there.. for this trip, my cousin sister followed also, as she just graduate from university, so we also hope to bring her together.. as usual, all of us sayang her a lot.. :)

what so special...
- hmmm, may be is the scene, it's a lot hill around the beach, and it's really killing my camera, shoot a lot photos of scene.
- The beach is much better the Phuket, a lot shell..
- small jungle trekking to another beach site.
- Massage on the beach site...
- Nice hotel... :P I thinking long long time, and lucky choose the nice one.. :D

Their day tour trip almost the same with Phuket, also going to Phi Phi Island, Jamesbond island, elephant trekking..... so we just choose Phi Phi island trip. As more easy trip... even I went to Phuket a few times, but this still the first time I go Phi Phi Island, not bad.. and the weather is really good... sunny day during the raining season. We really lucky.

The bad memory should be the food there, not really nice.. even the last day, all of us food poisoning... what a bad luck for this... but lucky not a serious food poison, still be able to get back home safe.. haha.

so when is my next trip? Around October, will go Macau + Hong Kong + Shen Zhen.. but still have 3 months to go, really hope can have some short trip during this period, how about Singapore? Bali again? Penang? Phuket again? hahaha... but need to save money now, cannot simply go travel like previous liao... if not, me will never have money in my account... :D