Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first time be the photographer

This is the first time i be the photographer, my old friend wedding, I was invited to help to shoot photo. I a bit worry, coz all the time I shooting as my hobby, but this time shooting the real event, and no second time, so I have to becareful... here to show show the pretty bride I have shoot. :P

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chiling Waterfalls at Christmas

It was a last minute decision to follow my friends to The Chiling Waterfalls. It location at Kuala Kubu Bharu where near to Fraser Hill. Before I join it, I totally have no idea which waterfall we going. Coz I have refuse the invitation at the early state, :)
We move at 830 morning, but as usual we late a bit. Another new group of friends again, total have 11 person, and only 4 guys including me. We arrived the destination around 11am, and it's took us around 30 minutes to walk (should be trekking, haha) to Chiling Waterfalls. It's a light raining day, so I not dare to use my SLR camera to shoot while we trekking to the waterfall.
We need to pass cross 5 river to reach the waterfall. It's a cold and rainy day. While we reach there, I start shooting photo even it's still rain, but I don't want to miss it. We jump from the rock, swimming, feeding the fish, picnic.... and spend around 1 and the half there.

Thanks to Ah Jon and his friend, Mr "Yan" (if no mistake). Both them have wonderful trekking experience and be our guide leader to make sure we not get lost and safe while trekking.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to myself!!!

Wanna to tell all my friends, I very happy and touching during my current birthday... The surprise which I never expected... :)
Same as last year, nothing special during the exact birthday. Still don't have any dating, coz the same, I really wish to celebrate if have GF. :P

Got a gift from friend, E Card, and Cake again, really appreciate all the friends. Last year I bought a Croc for myself, this year I also plan to buy something for me, but still planing, if I really bought for myself, will post here to show off... haha, happy birthday to me again... yeah!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wedding Dinner at JB and my surprise b'day

19th Dec, all of us from KL again to JB, this time is for Vteck & Stella wedding. We reach JB around 12, and have our lunch at Skudai, simple lunch but very nice taste... After lunch, it's still early for Check-in, so ladies went for shopping, and Guys go for snooker. Actually I was a bit not feeling well that day, cough and flu still not yet cure... However, it's a trip, so I will try my best to enjoy it.. After check-in, all the guy go for drinking, of course I drink 100 plus, not feel so well mar.. :)

Night time, we go Karaoke for dinner, I really enjoy during Karaoke, as I like to sing even not that good.. haha.. Vteck joining us around 9, and having the fantasy hour there. Me didn't really drink much and worry will handover another day. Around 12++ they bring in the birthday cake to celebrate for me. I expected they will do it, coz the package they choose for the karaoke session is with cake. However, really thank to my friend (actually this a fake birthday party, another suprise they had plan...)

Saturday morning, we went to Vteck house, having a simple ceremony in his house... afternoon, ladies went to shopping again, guys went back hotels but I went look for my ex-colleague, they just arrived JB and also attending Vteck wedding too.
During the wedding dinner, I meet with my other ex-colleague, we chat a lot "stupid" thing. As usual, I'm stupid mar. haha, I consider drink lot, I guess got more then 5 bug of beer. When the dinner end, I was call to go inside the ballroom to have the photo shooting, who know, when the moment I step in again, they play the birthday song, I really a big suprise. They just celebrate my birthday the day before. And now, they celebrate again in the 5 star ballroom, really touching, thanks to all my friends, I will never forget it...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Idle Talk...

During the weekend, back to Kajang house... I read the newspaper (I only read newspaper when back Kajang, lazy to buy newspaper when stay outsite), and found some interesting article, it's about the working environment "坏上司害你心脏病" mean the bad boss harms you a heart attack... it's from a Sweden research, that if working environment is bad, can increase the chances to get heart attack... I read that and 100% agree on that. Currently have some inccident happen in my company, really spoil my mood. And I check my high blood pressure, it's really increase too... However, sure I will take care myself... I will learn to act infront those peoples, coz I know who are they... haha...

Another thing, I really surprise when I see a Grasshopper die in my condo. I really scare grasshopper, but lucky it's die.... However, I stay at 24th floor, I really have no idea how this grasshopper will appear in my house. By Lift? by stair case? Suicine from the top floor?... haha, who know the answer? tell me... :P

Year End!!!

It's December again, and getting old again, my...... day..... is near.... haha..

Previously I thinking that my schedule will fully during the December, but when the time is come, it's a bit boring month. May be my schedule was too pack at the previous month, so sundently cool down and feel bore.

The year almost pass, a lot plan or wish still not success:
  • Re-decorate my house? plan for the pass 6 month, but still don't have any further step.
  • Diet, this is hard task for me :(
  • GF? what to do, I always play by those girls, so better dun think and just be friend.
  • Book, I bought a book for 1 year, still haven't finished :(
  • Learn cooking, thinking of this long long time, but still not start any... :(
  • Saving, still empty in my bank :(

Happy new year to all my friend, and it's time to plan for my next year plan...