Thursday, May 3, 2012


Q: 何你拿着枪对着人民?
A: 他手上有水壶罐,我们感到生命威胁。

Q: 如何解释撞到人?(网上有很多相片和影片。)
A: 没回事,那是角度问题,是接合照!

Q: 射催泪不是45度?
A: 都了是相片角度问题

Q: 何十多个人群打一个人民?
A: 才那十多个,才占了我的0.01%而已。

Q: 者会被付?
A: 我不知道他者,件太小。

Q: 那么失控?
A: 因们误有同被打死。
(我的天,原来你的 EQ 都是零的)

Q: 何主流媒体只报导车被反而已?
A: 我,只是文章字体有限,报导而已。


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My very first experience for the Rally 428…

I not sure anyone understand the real meaning for BERSIH or not. Some of them might think it's an unnecessary event, some might said "Who cares?", some even think that it's a reformation against the government… Why they will think like that? it's because the media been block by government and give some annoying information about BERSIH to the Malaysian.

First, what BERSIH want is a clean election. IT"S NOT Against government, or any reformation. With a really "CLEAN" election, which party win, we still will respect. Currently, I not supporting any party, in my previous voting, I have vote for both party, this is up to me who should I vote.

Firstly, I so happy that my mum allow me to attend it. Even she worry about, but I promise myself I won't involve into any violent situation. What we want is a peaceful rally, no making a trouble. So here to share my experience on the 428!

We reach Jalan Sultan around 845am. Surprising, it's already have lot people gather at Jalan Petaling, it's make me feel happy to see so many supporter for this time. Those supporter are from age 20 to 50. It's really a good start that our teenager also awake that what is happened in Malaysia, and they really concern about the future of Malaysia. After we having our breakfast, we change to yellow cloth, and start walk around the Petaling Street area. We can see a lot people gather in different corner. And also see some supported from Penang and support this event. What I feel in the early morning is, this more like a carnival festival, all the people are enjoying, some of the singing, some using their creativity to describe their need. It's just a happy moment, you won't feel it if you not attend! we all just like a big family here, no violent, no aggressive and just peace…

The rally almost start, we all just follow the big group. step by step forwarding. Given the way for the vehicle to pass through, all are very behave. Screen the slogan, stop while asking, sit together while asking. All are really follow the instruction given. I didn't see any aggressive or un-behave people in the rally lane. Lately, another friend just arrived join us. He join the rally for 3rd time. He mentioned that this time he saw they are behave than previous. Even there is a lot people around, we still be able to step backward while asking. they have no pushing at all, I really happy to see this!

Almost 1.30, we left the rally lane, and walk around and get closer to the Dataran Merdeka. just to have a look what is happen in front only. In the same time, a guy sudden fall down and injure on his leg, this really surprising all of us. In a short while, some of them start shouting and ask for the Medical help, I was stand a site and see what will happen? Honestly, at the first time, I really wondering how fast the medic team will arrive or will they come? But I'm wrong this time, in less than 5 minutes, 2 person run out from the rally lane and direct to the injured guy. We all were clapping for them at the same time,  really proud of it! In more than a thousand people area. the Medic team still be able to notice and act fast!

Around 2:20pm, the BERSIH were announce success and dismiss. Honestly I won't know about that. Coz all the phone are jam. (second day, my friend told me that government have setup the "Phone Jammer", I saw that device, I tot that for the TV signal use). That why we cannot call out and know what is happening in the first minute. But lucky my gang was decide to go back to have Lunch. While we walk back, already can see people are starting going back. The mission is success and all start moving back and dismiss.

Around 3pm, once I get into the restaurant, I success to login to a website and notice it's dismiss. but at the same time. Police have start shooting the teargas, and the chaos started…. I wondering why the police still want to take action when we starting dismiss? However, that might happen something I don't know… I so sad that when the time I think it's end. but it's only the start for the police to do their "Duty"…. I 100% disagreed to those people who trying to get into Dataran Merdeka, this only will let the police take action. However, while we still chating in the restaurant, we sudden smile the teargas, even it's far from us, but it's really surprise that the police still take action "outsite" the Dataran Merdeka.... Around 5pm, I reach my home safe, and check on the internet news, and surprising that the chaos is out of control, and saw a lot video that really make me sad...

Here is I see, and opinion after experienced it:
- Why the government want to use the Phone Jammer? They want to block us communicated between each other? The main thing is, when it's dismiss, I really don't know.
- Why the Police take action while they still a lot people there. We are not with weapon....
- The whole rally were in peaceful and everyone are happy, it's only turn into chaos after 3pm when the police start attack.
- A lot Malaysia news media didn't report the rally thing, and trying to blame all to the protester.. I really sad to know that. No one know the true if they only read the newspaper!

Everything have good and bad:
- I still can see not all participate know the real idea of BERSIH, in the rally time, some people shout at the slogan "REFOMASI", I immediately sweat, that not what we want, we want clean election. Luckily, I believe others know that too, that why the Slogan of "REFOMASI" only repeat 2 or 3 times then stop.
- Near our group, we saw a group of police get into our rally lane. Even some of them were making noise to accusing the police. But majority still clapping the hand try to cover the noise. We should know they are on duty, should not blame on them.

Honestly, I stay in Malaysia, I love Malaysia. That why I hope we can have a better Malaysia! I personally wish no more BERSIH4.0, if there have... mean the government still not listen to us. We will come out again for our Malaysia....