Sunday, January 24, 2010

DIY Macro Flash Diffusion

After the badminton this morning, have snap at the afternoon. And doing nothing after wakeup... so start my DIY Flash Diffusion which I plan to do it long time ago. What this for? to balance the flash light when shooting a macor insect or even for portrait. However, I just done and didn't really try out for real macro shooting.

My DIY Flash Diffusion

The Testing for Macro Shooting

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I get a very serious poison recently, how to cure? I think it a little big hard...

2 months ago, start invest on my camera again. And find out I really too addict on it, almost everyday thinking where to shooting photo, curi ideas from other photographers... But... not really have time to go try out the shooting, only a few times, all are just thinking only. :P

However, it's a very expensive hobby. I just hope this "poison" will not make me over spend my money. What I more interest to shoot still natural scene, secondly should be model... So anyone want to be my model? just tell me :) ... Getting some new equipment and learning about Macro Shooting, but haven't really have time go experience it. Sure will try it out soon.

LAOS, I coming at end month, hope can get some nice photos back. so, wait wo... :P