Monday, December 21, 2009

A "delaying" food poison?

Some weird feeling in my body this few day... starting from last Thursday till now, don't know when it's going to stop.

17th, Thursday night

Having a company party, that time still feel fine, and still be able to drink some beer, everything going smooth. After the party, got another drinking session, for my friend's bachelor night. I didn't drink much that time, got to drive, and also start feeling wierd.

18th, Friday, Holiday
have a small gathering with Secondary friends. before going out with them, already feel a little bit unconfortable. Of course still meet up with them... we only met once a year, or 2 years.. haha..

19th, Saturday,
the wierd feel more strong today, having a wedding dinner. I didn't eat more, and even not drinking any Wine or Beer... the thing is, I get sweat under an air cond room... COOL SWEATING... shit, what wrong with me... I didn't feel fever, no headache, no flu... just some weird feeling inside my body... hmmm, never mind, may be after sleep 1 night should be fine

20th, Sunday.
no badminton due to the court have some function, so miss another chance for my exercise... The weird feeling getting strong and strong... afternoon, a friend call for yum cha, i'm thinking that going out might feel better.. who know, more wierd.. keep on cool sweating. feel no energy to walk... Trying to sleep at the evening still not help...

21th, today
Start diarrhea since the early morning, should said mid night, 2am++... now I know why I keep on feel wierd pass few day... but this is funny, it's took me few day to start the diarrhea? However, just hope the diarrhea won't take me more days... I been diarrhea for more than 1 week before, very terrible..