Tuesday, September 25, 2007

best birthday present to my boss

"You give a very good b'day gift" my boss tell me....

today is my boss birthday...

"A resign letter" to him

between 1 hour time chating, I agree to stay here again with a new offer. Really appreciate my boss treat me so good...

Now have to get back to the new company....sorry....

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today, my colleage was resign, but strange, my boss want her to terminate immediately... I dun know it's nice or bad... just feel my boss is funny, always doing such a stupid thing...

However, it's my turn to give my resign letter soon, I just wondering what will happen to me soon. There have a good offer for me, but I really like this company colleague, environment. And can travel to Phuket too. hahaha...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

... ... Finally ... ...

After a week, finally I made up my mind...
Just leave all the thing behind...
Two more week to go...
Go try it out...
And enjoy...

*Crazy Butt is really siao now...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Crazy Wednesday~~~

I just feel I a bit crazy today, suddenly think of going to holiday again. PHUKET....

Keep on asking who can accompany me going there... hai... it's really bad if don't have a GF, wanna go holiday also no people accompany...

My Wish List, Who can buy for me, haha

Monday, September 10, 2007










Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A nice Tuesday

Today, arrived office a bit early, 8:15am already at office area. After my breakfast alone (As usual), it's only 8:30am. Then step inside office, and writing the blog again...
Yesterday, Tuesday was a nice day for me. I took half day leave on the afternoon, look for friends lunch, go to Mid Valley looking for another friend, and back home. It's look like a very relax day. But that will be the problem for me. At home, I start thinking nonsence thing, start missing her (A gal who I should not miss for, this will make me more suffer)... alone at the home, facing the empty house, it's too lonely for me...
9+, Gary called me, asking come out to have a drink. Of course I direct said yes, better then stay at home and keep on thinking negative thing and miss her.....
At the "Gold Mountain", a chinese restaurant where we always drink beer, it;s cheap there. Yen Shin also join us. And we call Kevin to come, he replyno problem, really supprise us that he wanna join us all the way from PJ to Cheras. However, we didn't call Ah Bao, coz worry when he arrive then we will dismiss, coz it's weekday, we won't drink late.
We chating, drinking, smoking (again). it's really enjoy, all my friend like knowing I'm suffer today, come to accompany me, even this drinking is call up by Gary. Kevin telling about he's new' house story, Yen Shin bring his saxophone let us try, Me talking my stupid bore life, chating about the TEA..... All the nite long chating without any bore.... and we drink just enough, a bit high but not drunk... then Yen Shin start talking about me, just like he knew what happen to me. giving me advise.... I really feel glad and listen to him...
Even now I always free lonely (I mean no GF) but I really glad that I still have a group of friend like them, they will never feel bore to accompany me. Friends, I have really a lot, but a group of friend like them, really take care of me, treat me well, I really appreaciate... friends who really know about me. I really lucky to know them...

When I driving back home, I really very touching... I always free lonely but actually I not, because my friends are always here.

Monday, September 3, 2007

The worst holiday I never have before....


我们只有三个人去Langkawi,我,C(我的好朋友,女)和J(C 的同事,40多岁,女)。一男二女,听上去很像很不错。可是我没有高兴的感觉:
一,C 并不是我的女朋友。
二,J 对我的印象不是很好,我也一样,但我并不会特别如何介意。

我们去了Pandai Cenang吃晚餐,然后C和J都很累,没有Shopping就回酒店了。然后我们在酒店周围跑跑,在Lobby喝酒,过后便回房间。。。在房间,我和C一边谈天和喝酒。J已经睡了。哪知突然J醒了,然后说我们很吵,过后就说自己出去跑跑。虽然天已暗了,半夜1点多,但我没理他,而我也走出露台吸烟,想看看J会去那里。因为我不可能放下C而出去找J吧。在露台我没看到J的影子走出外面,所以我想她应该只是在门口吧。当C已睡了,我便开门看看J是否在外面。果然是在门口吸烟。我便叫J进去,和她喝了一瓶酒,我也顶不顺了就走进厕所呕吐。。。然后就睡了。。。

(English Version for the above part)
The 3 days holidays is pass, a lot of my friend said that I so happy can go holiday in Langkawi, but honestly, I not really have any special happy feeling about this trip (Before). At 30th nite, I have the drinking session with my group of friend, they scold me that I so stupid, coz I should not spend so many time in gals who not my GF, and wasting money, coz this not a small amount, it's more then 1 thousand.

Actually we have only 3 person going to Langkawi, me, C (my best friend, female), and J (C's colelaue, 40++ year old, Female). 1 male 2 female, it's sound very nce, right? but I just fell nothing special for me:
1, C not my girl friend
2, J have not really have good impression about me, same as me, but I dun mind also.
3, Have a very "unforgetful" travel experience with them. but I will try to coordinate with.

When arrive Langkawi, we rent a car. Go to Kuah town to buy some cigarette, beer and have some meal. After back to hotel, C have a short snap, J smoke at the porch. Then I read my novel and doing my own stuff. Almost 6, J come in a say then C still sleep (with a very unhappy tone). I hear it but I didn't really do any re-action. At the same time, I saw a black shadow behind J, and IT A MONKEY, I just shout out very loud. the monkey took the bun and ran away. However, C also wake up at the same time. and we just discuss about the monkey and J also back to normal.

We have our dinner at Pandai Cenang, then back to hotel coz C and J also feel tire. At hotel, we walk around, have drink at the lobby pub. then back to room around 11++. J was tire and sleep. then me and C was chating and drinking. around 1, J sundently wake up, and complaining us very noice and disturbing her sleep, then she just walk out said want to have a walk outside. Of course I didn't stop her, then I go out the porch to smoke, C also tire and sleep. after I wait C really sleep, I just try to go out see J is around or not. Coz I didn't see her walk out at the porch, so I suspect she just at outsite the door. and she really outsite there. I ask her to come in and trying to drink a bit with her, but I start drunk that time. after the first beer with her, I direct go vomit, then sleep...

(end of translation)

For the first day, I still find the trip is ok, even we didn't walk at Pandai Cenang, didn't drink at the Pub near the harbor... but at least I still enjoy it.. :)

Second day morning, C is the earlier ppl wake up... may be she rest too much the day before. However, I already wakeup at 7++, but just headache, so hope to sleep more longer... C was listen to the music from her phone, and I also enjoying it but just still lie on the bed and lazy to wake up.... and no one know this will be the bad day for all of us... because actually J got a little unhappy for the musiz, disturbing she sleep (I knew it when we talk about at night time).

Around 10++, I only wake up and washing my face, so can get ready to go out anytime. J also wakeup around that time. Then she turn on the TV, and there have a program the about the Princess Diana, J want to watch it, so me and C were go around the hotel to walk, specially the beach, coz I want to try the floating jeti...

We took our breakfast at the beach restaurant, and J joining us also. And the unhappy thing start slow from here, J show the "black" face, which I dun know what happen. However, I won;t care and want to enjoy myself. So after a while, I really feel bore there, coz J keep on ordering beer, but I dun feel to drink, so I just suggest that I going to swimming. then J want C to accompany her and they have chating there. So I just go alone, and this is the best time, coz I can enjoy myself without caring them... haha... however, I bring my novel and reading on the beach side, enjoying listen the sound of wave... after an hour C joining me on the beach and chat, of course smoke also, she lie on the beach chaise and sleep there, I continue reading and final finished the whole novel. J didn't join us coz she fall in sleep on the other site. Around 4, it's time to get ready for our sunset cruise, also the unhappy thing start happen.... J said she already get drunk, however, I hope really all of us join the cruise, so finally all still going too.

- She talk unpolite with my friend, Steven. Who the manager of this cruise.
- She smoke in the car, which Steven dun like it, I feel it.

During the cruise, I almost enjoy alone. J keep on showing the black face, I just feel she not even want to talk to me. However, I won't care just keeping myself to enjoy. J and C were have their private discussion there. Once, I want to ask C to look at the rainbow, then J direct ask me dun interupt her conversation with C. I really get angry, I dun like ppl unpolite to me. I directly asking her is it want to quarrel? that's me, I dun like angry, but once u make me angry, then u in trouble... However, C is there, so I didn't continue it. Enjoying myself continue looking at the sunset, chating with the host (he called Din), and both of them continue their chat there.

For the Sunset Cruise.
Steven special arrange this cruise for only 3 of us (I tot have other ppl at first). and given us a very very special price, I really want to thanks to him.
Din, the host of the cruise, he really a nice guy, thank to giving me a nice cruise trip. Chating with me when I alone on the cruise... thanks, I really enjoy it.

when get back to hotel, I not even talk even a word with J. I will treat ppl nice, but once I know that the person not appreciate. I will just ignore the person. and dun expect me will do anything about this. Coz I a guy who dun like to "tam" ppl. I treat u nice, if u dun take it then just forget it lor... hihi, why must I go "tam" u ler, so trouble and childish lor. If GF, then will be different story. haha

At the ealier night, we have a talk about the situation. All are settle and getting fine. But, at the late night, the quarrel start again in the room just for a small matter. I never querrel with friend... but I really cannot tahan the attidute. Actually when I see C getting mad, I really angry, why J must make the situation getting worst.... she already 40++, still like a small kid... when the time I shout out the "F" word, honestly, I have no feeling, I not really angry like hell, just I dun like the situation. I just want to make this situation end, so I be the bad guy.

Normally when I angry, my heart beat will fast, but this time, I just normal. very cool, just I dun want to see J face only. haha.. sit outsite the door, dun want to chat and smoke, then back to sleep.

For the trip, I heartache to see C like that, she want to have a very happiness holiday, but end out with this kind of situation. nothing I can do for her, coz I just a friend in this roll ... no a BF, still have a lot thing I cannot do and say. Friend and BF go holiday always have different feeling. my previous experience, I really very very enjoy with my ex-gf for holiday (even only 2 person), but now is with friend, it's will be different story. However, I really wish her can get a BF (must be good one wo) very soon... at least I think she will more happy then now if have a good BF lor. I cannot be her BF, but I want see C happy, then I will happy too...

well, the trip just end like that. I still be able to enjoy myself, I always like that. Just it's really waste for C, she seldom holiday and having this bad experience... Hope she really can enjoy a real happiness holiday in the future...

Life is enjoy... happy is the most important thing, dun let the sad or unhappy environment to spoil your mood...