Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthday Surprise again!!!

To Ah Bong, Happy Birthday!!! even the birthday surprise not 100% success, hope you enjoy it!

- We tell him that will celebrate Rachel birthday on 27th nite (actually none of us birhtday during that time, so just give a reason only)
- Ask Bong to buy a cake too (birhtday boy buy cake for himself, good idea, haha)...
- Gary printed out a hand made card.
- When Sing birthday song, we push the cake to him and mention his name.
- He a bit surprise (but actually he already suspect when he accidently hear convesation of Gary)
- Then he give us a surprise too, Bong have pay the bill already, should we pay for him ma....

My group of friends were arrange a lot of birthday party recently... May be we are too old, nothing much to do, so back to future and keep on given those surprises, haha

Surprise History:
Kevin, (Jan 2006) he is the first surprise we organise, 2 years ago... Gary purposely drive to Johor to fetch another group friend to KL to give him a surprise. Me bough him a flight ticket that wish he can go Cambodia with us (but still he not going with us, disapointed~~ )

Rachel, (June 2008)group of friend went out dinner with her, but I not, cos I have another friend gathering. However, after my friend gathering, I go get a cake, and direct meet them at her's house... before that, all them didn't tell her that we set that dinner is for her birthday. But when the time I bring the cake there, she accidently saw that and already suspect but keep quiet.. haha...

Yand Sen, (Nov 2007)we ask him to Ampang Lookout Point for dinner, tell him that one of us have promote and want belanja makan. At teh restaurant, he keep on saying that a lot ppl celebrate birthday in there. When the time he saw another cake and another birthday song, he still asking us guess where that cake will go to... and end up the cake is arrive infront of him and stop there... This is the first time we celebrate with him, and he really not realize that and very touching...

Gary & Tracy (Sep 2008), we ask both them out for drinking, at Sui Xin as what we normal did everyweek... but this time a bit special because Kevin, Bao, Bong, Yan Shin all of them appear together. I also a bit worry that Gary will notice why sundent all friends come. But Lucky he not... however, even the surprise is cheap, but still valuble mar... haha

Ah Bao (May, 2007), we just ask him to Gary house for drinking, without letting him know we will buy cake... even it's just a normal, but as long as he's enjoy it!!!

Eva (Nov 2008), we call her that mention want to give Yand Sen another birthday surprise, but actually the Birthday Surprise is give to Ping Ping too, yeah! What so special this time? we actually plan to direct go Yand Sen house to give him a surprise first, but end up only me and Bao can make it. Then go for steamboat, Kevin joined us there... then, Gary actually already tell us that he just back from China that nite, so cannot join us this time. But then, around 830+, Gary come with Tracy(I SMS Gary our location and time).. then this time all of them really surprise!!!. haha... Gary not going back home yet and direct meet us here....he really 伟大... The birthday cake is wrote Eva (ping ping) and Wall-e (Yand Sen) haha... creative? and their baby look like Japanese, so cute....

KP (Nov 2008), we drive all the way to Johor to celebrate with him, and a blog at my previous blog :P

who the next birthday? it's ME, hahaha, what my surprise? they already mention not celebrate is the big surprise to me. haha... so I just wait lor... TRY TO MAKE MY CRY, FRIENDS!!!!!! haha

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A special and moody Friday nite

Some incident was happend during this 2 days, and almost spoil my mood...

Friday nite, actually have a dinner with friend, but she was sick and have to cancel it. At the same time, I knew my mood will going down if I stay alone at home, so I called Gary and asking him have any plan or not.

So, we were met at Sunway Pyramid for dinner, and Ryan joined us too. With 3 guy, what we can do? Pub? Drinking? Honestly, it's month end, I almost finish all my pocket money to clear some of my CC. So I wish not to spend too much... After finished the dinner, we decided to go for BOWLING, yeah!!! A quite special suggestion and this was our first time play bowling together (according to my memory, but memory always not real <- this theory is from Yan Shin, haha). After 2 games, of course I win 1 game, haha. Then we go for second round, snooker... We were playing a lot during college time, but seldom playing it for the pass 3 years.

Around 1am++ we dismissed and it's time for Gary to fetch Tracy back (Tracy was having gathering with her schoolmate)

2am at home, I keep on thinking what had happen in my office during the pass 2 days. and it's make me cannot sleep....

After my ex-branch manager left this company, I knew the inccident will happened, but all the time I thinking that my management trust me, after 3 years I working here, they should be able to know my performance. They told me my Ex-branch Manager complaining me, but I not that stupid, I know who are the traitors, I never complain them doesn't mean they are doing well, just I dun want to invoid in company politic. As long as the management appreciate my work, then I will happy. I was keep on thinking all this during the whole night, almost 4am, I still cannot fall in sleep, it's really a long night for me... SAD~~~~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Office Office Office!!!

Morning, hear some bad commend from office... actually I have a bit not happy, but after a while, I just cool down myself. I knew I really did something wrong, but still feel a bit dissapoint... I working here for more then 3 years, if you ask me, I can sure that I really commit my work here and do a well job. However, all still depend on the management, if they think u not, mean you really not.

In office, I always act cool, I not even speak much, not like my real character(I can talk a lot nonsence, play crazy....) because I just always think that working place should be more serious, not to play there... That why I not really like to chat nonsence in office, even Skype I also won't use for chating, only use for discussion with other colleagues.

Office Politic, which I always trying to avoid from it. However, non matter how you avoid, how you do your work well, still have some traitor will talk bad about you. All the time I just don't like to social with others, and doing my own work. I don't like to entertain or sweet talk with superior because I think if I do my work well and those superiors should know it. But in real world, non matter how good of your job, by 1 word, a traitor can pull you from up and push you down to the hell... This is the real working world. However, non-matter what happen, I still myself, don't like to explain, even others misleading, just let them be.

Just hope those stupid office politic can get far away from me, I just want to enjoy my working environment and do my job well....

Monday, November 17, 2008

KP 的生日惊喜!


十一月十五号,我们一班朋友从吉隆坡到柔佛给即将生日的KP一个大惊喜。从吉隆坡的我们有:Gary, Tracy, Kevin, Rachel, Ryan 以及我。

  • 十一点早上从吉隆坡出发去马六甲接另一个朋友,Sylvia。
  • 五点多,到了JB酒店Check in。
  • 一路上都有与KP的女友,佩芝联络,以确保计划顺畅。
  • 六点半,等待另两个来至新加坡的朋友到酒店,Vteck 和Stella,刚刚新婚:
  • 七点,佩芝如计划带KP到我们已约定的饭店吃晚餐。而我们就在附近等待他们进饭店。然后再进去给他一个大惊喜,说真的,我还有点紧张呢。看到KP开心而又有点受惊的样子,还很高兴计划成功。Yeah!!!
  • 九点多,一个欢欢乐乐的晚餐后,我们到KP店里兜一兜,我也在附近买了很多DVD,五块而已,还买五送一呢。
  • 那么远来到JB,当然要去颠一颠,我们的第二个目的地,就是位于The Zone 的一间Disco,很久没去Disco了,开始还有点不习惯,酒喝得越多时,又看到朋友们越来越High,我也开始慢慢颠了上来了。有点返老还童的感觉,哈哈。。。
  • 凌晨两点了,有呕吐的,有的半醉的,有累的,有清醒的。而主角既然没有倒地,只是有点呕吐过后清醒了,有点失望,哈哈。当我步出Disco,才发觉我真的很累了,哈哈。
  • 大家在附近的mamak喝点茶,讲了点酒后话(不是我喔),过后便回酒店休息。

第二天,Vteck 和Stella也回新加坡了,而我们和KP吃了午餐后,便起程回吉隆坡。一路回时,我们还到了Muar吃Otak-otak,然后又去马六甲吃Satay Celup。Ryan一路都测试他的GPS导航系统,由于还不熟导航系统用法,也累了我们走了点冤枉路,哈哈。回到家,已经是十一点多了。真的是一个多姿多彩的周末。。。



Friday, November 14, 2008

"YOU" must miss me a lot

For the pass few week, I knew you were miss me alot, and also I keep on controlling myself, keep on telling myself dun want to see you, this not the best time meet you. Coz I knew once I see you, I will be very very suffer.... but a few week, I have to surrender now... I really tire, you want come, just come, I let you WIN.... Flu, cough, fever... three of you, why must come together... you sure knew I busy recently, but why still want to visit me ler?

Tuesday, I have to take a MC and rest at home, it's really time to rest....

Specially Wednesday, when I step into the office, I already feel I cannot walk well, but I have work today, as I have interview and have a meeting in office... Sleep in pantry during lunch time, my first time do that, and I really fall in sleep and not just close my eye... damn sleepy after took the medicine... and even have to cancel my dinner appointment that night... :(

Not only that, this week really a busy week, need to have discussion with friend for his project. and also have a new freelance (help friend only)... after the first medicine, I really not dare to continue take again, coz I need to keep myself waken, if not cannot focus on my work and make mistake. :P

As for my work, I keep on looking for new designer for my company, but still have no one fix the requirement... after a few week, I decide to get a fresh and train him up, but cann't get the approval from top management, so still have to wait... Hope can get someone to help me, even I still can handle the job, but I hope can pass some of my work to others, then I can focus on other things and make my department more valuable.

Sunday, November 2, 2008



看回我最近blog,既让去了很多地方,想一想,真的也浪费了很多钱$$$$$$,哈哈。有个朋友还很羡慕我可以到处游玩,也开玩笑说我在Show Off。。。不过我并不是想告诉任何人什么,只是想可以将我的回忆写在这,而每当我看回自己旅行,甚至那些无聊和悲哀的文章,会令我觉得很高兴,有如所有的事情在昨天才发生。。。


*(To my friends)期待明年的二月二十八号。。。你们应该知道吧!