Thursday, November 29, 2007




Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Week In Phuket Office....

Finally I back from the Phuket office, the 5 days trip... however, it's really a busy week for me. All the meeting, discussion, training never stop from Monday to Friday. Busy till I cannot breath. The Phuket office still remain the same, all quite and doing their work only. You will never hear anyone chatting, even you won't hear any phone ringing too. I just wondering how they work without chatting to each other. May be this is the Thailand office culture, work mean work...

However, this trip I be able to join some of the staff for dinner. This is the first time I join them. Even I have been 4 times to the office, but previously just stay alone and didn't join anyone. They really friendly, bring us to dinner, drinking, and chat a lot of topic. I really like their culture. In office, they concentrate on their work, but after working hour, they all hang out together for dinner, badminton and a lot activities....

Friday nite, when I back to KL, I took taxi back to my house. The taxi driver told me there have a lot or road block in KL. I just wondering what happen to Malaysia between the few days, sound like have a serious thing happen in Malaysia. However, the other day still have road block and I find out it's a democracy in KL. And all them wearing yellow shirt, lucky I not wearing yellow shirt when I going out. :D