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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do you remember these?

Do you remember what we play during our childhood? if you not recognice these, mean your are too young or too old.

Do you still remember them?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Day Trip - Lata Berembun Waterfall‏

Just back from another Day Trip, this time is organize by Bao also, and we get more ppl to join.
- Bao Gangs, 1 guy + 3 girls (so jealous, so many girls around him, haha)
- My site, Avis, my Cousin sister (Key), Billie and her BF (Ah Long or Uncle Koo, haha)

Lata Berembun Waterfall‏ is a waterfall near Raub, from KL around 1 hour and 30 min to drive to the bottom. But from the bottom to the top, is a bit far and advise to use 4 wheel car. That the main reason we choose this package. 4x4 car, I wish to try long long time ago. Of course I not the driver, just the passanger only.

730 morning, we gather on the WangsaMaju station, as someone been tell me that Raub need around 2 hour plus, so I tot to move earlier, as the Travel Agent said will bring us to a short Cave Tour if we reach early. Before 10 on the detination. However, we left WangsaMaju around 830, haha, as usual ~~~

However, we still manage to reach Raub around 930 +, mean we still got time to go for the short Cave tours... it's the first time I really visit a cave with a tour guide. And can know more detail about ths cave. However, as it's mention, it's a short tours. so only took around 1 hour to walk though the cave. The cave is called Cave Small (Gua Kecil), it's just a medium size. However, the guide told us it's big if really want to explore the cave. It's have a 7 level high cave on the top part. and it's still not advise to go without any equipment. We been told that this Cave also used to be the "commuties" (共藏党) home, there have the proved and a lot old chinese character there. Some writing I still can read as China ppl come to Malaysia, flight with japanes sodier... and a lot.... It's really cold inside the cave, and can see some cystal inside.

After the short cave trip, we move to a small town, KG. Sg. Klau to meet the 4 wheel car guys. we have total 9 person, so we took 2 4 x4 wheel car to move to the waterfall. It's around 45 min to go to the Waterfall, we all just sit or stand behind the car, and experience the adventure. the car pass thought the waterfall, climb up the rock road... quick adventure... ;)

as for the waterfall, actually there have 7 part. but we only stay on the bottom part. 1st, coz no one bring us to the treking road. 2nd, too cold. 3rd, tire lor.. haha

However, we drive back from KG. Sg. Klau around 5, and around 630 we reach at Bukit Tinggi to have our dinner. This another place I wish to visit long time ago, I knew there have famous river fish to eat, and every time I pass by that area just not the right time. Finally I can just try the food there. It's nice taste and not really expensive. only RM129 for 9 person. But of course depend on what we order.. haha.

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