Thursday, July 24, 2008






原本想upload几张最近拍的食物相片很和朋友分享,看来又要delay了。。。还有,八月约了几个朋友去玩Water Rafting,期望那天,也希望我可以安全回来,哈哈哈。。。至于八月三十一的假期,还没计划,可能在家闷吧!

无聊的Blog也真的可以让我平静下来。 :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kuantan Trip 5/7 - 6/7

First, even my friend commend that my English is lousy, but I don't care, I still want to write in English. smile~~~
- 5 July, a short trip to Kuantan, this is my second time to Kuantan...
- first time go travel with this group of friends.
- 6 of us, and a family of my friend's manager...
- At Swiss Garden Resort, which one of the best resort around Kuantan (I think... haha)...

For this trip, at first I 'm the only guy with these gals... haha, sound great, right? coz I planning to shoot photo alone around the beach... But coz I will feel shy if all girls, so I ask my friend to join also, as this is a budget trip, so he agreed... lately, another of my friend joined, coz he want to know some girls (me so bad, said my friend join coz of want to know gals)... and finaly become 3 girls, 3 guys... haha... and all are single and available... They actually have another group, but they coming with the whole family, so I didn't really join them much, just have dinner together. Actually each of us not really know each other. I also worry will a bit sien, but finally really enjoy it, all are playful and friendly... ;)

During this trip, it's really a very healthy trip. We enjoy the beach site, playing those outdoor activities, football, swimming... and really tire. night time after dinner, without enjoy the pub an the hotel, we all just direct sleep... imaging how tire they all... but not me, I just cannot sleep well the whole night, may be have home sick... haha.. kidding lar..

At Sunday, normally should wake up and ready to back home. But we just have a short boat trip to the small rock island... should have snorkeling, crab catching.... but coz the sea water not that clear, so we only climbing around that rock island... keep on shoot photo, swimming... then we back to beach to play the "surf board"... sound great, right? but I can tell you, really tire... Coz I'm the driver, I need to drive all the way to KL... all of them just sleep like pig in the car, I need to drive... :( .. but I still not that tire also, I also dun know why the whole trip I so awake... should be tire like hell!!!

actually we planning to go Genting when on the way back, but all are too tire, so we just decide back to KL have dinner... Ampang Look Out Point... a nice scene dinner place, this not my first time there, but it's the first time I bring camera... so I sure will shoot around lor.. haha