Thursday, September 30, 2010

What wrong with me? or you?

I just curious, for those who know me... did you find anything wrong with me?
I really enjoy my life, even single now... however, I also will feel bore or lonely sometime, but this not a big deal. Coz I knew I still have really really nice friends who will accompany me...

Today, I just feel sad again... I keep on thinking that I really need to be a bad guy?... even I try... but not use, still a lot people outside tot I'm stupid and repeat those thing I hate to me... I already try to keep away from it, but why this still back to me again and repeat the same thing? am I really stupid?

Yes, I really stupid, coz I knew it, just I keep telling myself thing might change... but not really... may be it's really a curse.... this curse will always follow me...

what I want is really simple life, a really simple life... please~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010