Monday, December 21, 2009

A "delaying" food poison?

Some weird feeling in my body this few day... starting from last Thursday till now, don't know when it's going to stop.

17th, Thursday night

Having a company party, that time still feel fine, and still be able to drink some beer, everything going smooth. After the party, got another drinking session, for my friend's bachelor night. I didn't drink much that time, got to drive, and also start feeling wierd.

18th, Friday, Holiday
have a small gathering with Secondary friends. before going out with them, already feel a little bit unconfortable. Of course still meet up with them... we only met once a year, or 2 years.. haha..

19th, Saturday,
the wierd feel more strong today, having a wedding dinner. I didn't eat more, and even not drinking any Wine or Beer... the thing is, I get sweat under an air cond room... COOL SWEATING... shit, what wrong with me... I didn't feel fever, no headache, no flu... just some weird feeling inside my body... hmmm, never mind, may be after sleep 1 night should be fine

20th, Sunday.
no badminton due to the court have some function, so miss another chance for my exercise... The weird feeling getting strong and strong... afternoon, a friend call for yum cha, i'm thinking that going out might feel better.. who know, more wierd.. keep on cool sweating. feel no energy to walk... Trying to sleep at the evening still not help...

21th, today
Start diarrhea since the early morning, should said mid night, 2am++... now I know why I keep on feel wierd pass few day... but this is funny, it's took me few day to start the diarrhea? However, just hope the diarrhea won't take me more days... I been diarrhea for more than 1 week before, very terrible..

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The weather making me not feeling well, I have flu, headache and some light fever recently. I just worry is it relate to H1N1, I already have advise from doctor. Even he said don't have any sign of H1N1, but me just keep on light fever, light flu, light headache... Just hope to back to normal, really boring about those light light sickness.. haha

Guess what, I wondering how is my recent high blood pressure. almost more than 1 month didn't check for it... With those light light sickness, I already prepare to get a high reading from the machine, but surprisingly, my reading is normal... I really cannot believe it, now I'm heavy headache, light fever, serious flu yesterday.... how come the reading still will normal... is it the machine broken? unbelievable...

Wondering should I change another high-blood pressure machine.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Macau + Hong Kong + Shenzhen trip

Another trip again? yeah, actually this trip was plan last year. with the zero rate promotion :)
Suggested by Avis, I rejected at the first time, coz I went Hong Kong before and want to save money (but still travel a lot)

End up, we have total 9 person to go, and I only know 3 person only. Others are first meet during the trip. 5 leng lui, 3 handsome and 1 fatty (me).. haha

22nd - 23rd Oct, Macau
I so grad that Air Asia let us change our depart time to afternoon without any charges. So we can arrive Macau 4 hours earlier.

Macau, a small city. we only stay for 1 night, so the schedule a bit rush. As this is a budget trip, so we only took bus and not Taxi. haha, actually I also not sure the hotel location, just simply try try. Thanks to Small Chan, he have the GPS so we manage to know the direction to Hotel. If not according to the map, we sure get lost.
After Check in, we have our first meal. BUT.... we choose the wrong restaurant, the food really not nice at all... However, I still finish, dun want to waste.. Next, we wanna to go Venetian, again, we take bus... a bit adventure, coz I'm the only one who have the map, all are depending on me... really a bit stress.. :P. Venetian, really a big resort, this is the first destination, we really shoot a lot and spend more time there. After Venetian, there have some incident happen, we try to take bus back to Macau City again, but... the Bus Stop given the wrong information, we been waiting more than one hour for the correct bus.... from 1115 to 1230.. at last, the bus didn't turn up, so we just take Taxi back to Macau City (even wasted our time, but I enjoy it... more like backpack style, haha)

At 23rd, we went to those attractions places, but due to the weather a bit hot, so some of them just decide to stop exploring. haha, so me and Ah Bao continue explore ourself. Around 4pm, we were start depart to Hong Kong by Ferry... There have some inccident happen during the Macau Custom, Bao lost his internary form, so got to re-fill again, and we miss the first ferry and got to wait another turn....

23rd - 26th, Oct
First night, we reach Hong Kong a bit late, around 6++pm, so we decide to move directly to Avenue Star with our luggage, as there will have a lighting perfomance at 8pm. With our luggage, we watch the lighting perfomance, walk through the Avenue Star, and reach the guesthouse almost 10pm, almost all are tired that time, a long journey from Macau to HK. Mid night, me and ah bao go walk around that area, a lot Negro and Indian around. It's okay for, coz I use to it when I back to my house. haha.

24th, it's the most expected internary we want to go. Disney Land.... and there have some extra show during this season, open until 11pm (normally is around 7pm), halloween matches, ghost house... Really enjoy. Even it's a peak season, we need to line up a long Q, but still enjoyable. We back around 11pm ++, we still didn't visit all the attractions.

25th, actually this should be a free and easy day (Shopping Day), but I want to go the Giant Buddha for some photo, then all of them also want follow, so we just go together. And this really wasted our time, coz we need to line a long Q again, and we decide to take the Bus to the Giant Buddhe, and take the Cable car down back. When the time we reach the bottom, original plan is shopping there, but it's run out of time. coz our next destination is The Peak, so we got to skip the shopping and directly go for The Peak, again.... another long Q to take the train.... hai~ My mistake, didn't count in that it's a weekend, all attractions should a lot people....

26th, as plan, we should move to Shenzhen at the earlier morning. But because we didn't shopping at all during the pass 3 days, so we decide to delay the schedule, and have some shopping tours. Bao not a shopping kaki, so he go walk around himself, and another 2 guys (Small Tan and Eric) already depart back to KL at the earlier morning. So only left me alone to follow these girls....

Even we stay4 night at Hong Kong, but I still find the time not enough. I didn't do much for shopping, what a waste. However, it's really enjoy with these gang even this is the first meet with them.

26th - 27th, Oct
haha, in Shenzhen, nothing special. What I can say is, we skip the "Window of World", as all the girls want shopping only... so, let's shop within the last 2 days.....

As usual... girls will crazy when shopping, all their luggage are full even no enough space to put in... the lucky thing is, our luggage didn't over weight... haha.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Bangkok Trip - 4/10 to 6/10

Another Bangkok trip again, I believe this is the 4th times I go Bangkok in 2 years time... Why will go again? too rich?... not really, just because of friends. Josh going with his lovely GF, June... If I not mistaken, Josh seldom have trip with us... So I just book the flight and go alone :P

Some of them Stay until 7/10 and some stay until 8/10. As I only for 3 days only..

Even I been there a few times, but still have some places I never visit. So for this time we went for Floating Market. Then the rest of the time were shopping, drinking, eating. haha...

As usual, Khao San Road still a place we must stay. Even stay there for 4 times, but still like that place a lot. A happening nightlife but not that wild as Patpong.

* Beside that, can test on my new camera too. :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009



终于,一年多前买了我的第一架数码SLR相机,只是二手机,Canon 350D。过后也有个朋友突然迷上了拍照,他还买了Canon 40D,我也终于有伴一起研究了。当然我不是很专业,只是玩一玩而已。多数是去旅行时拍一拍相片。

而上个星期,突然间买了另一架相机,很喜欢这个款。虽然也是二手机,可是这款还很新,刚刚推出没到半年。。。Canon 50D,我的朋友最开心,因为我可以陪他用同一系列的款。。。



Thursday, September 17, 2009

What can you do with RM100k nowsaday?

Remember 10 years ago, when an assurance agent tell that you can get back RM100k after you re-tire. so just sudden come to my mind. If you really have RM100k or even RM200k now, what will you do to these money?

1. invest a business?? (enough or not?)
2. put into bank?? (interest so low)
or just a small money, nothing do about this?

so, what you think about this? can this money useful to survive in life now? it's big money? or just small money?

ps: I don't have RM100k, not even RM10k, hahaha... just a curios what other think of this amount money.

Monday, September 14, 2009



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gua Temburung Trip

Avis suggested have a day trip to Gua Temburung 2 weeks ago, so we end up with 9 person and 2 cars... At first I tot I can skip driving this time, but still have to drive at the end :P

I start fetching them at 6:30am, coz we need to need to reach the destination (Gopeng) before 9:30am... around 200km from KL, not too far, but still need some distance. When we gather all the people, it's around 7:30. So I have speed up my car to avoid late.

The Cave tour took around 3 hours. we start with some stair case, then will start step into the real cave road with a tour guide leading. It's a bit hot at first, coz too many people for 1 round, around 25 to 30 person. With only 1 guide. can imagin how hard he need to take care all of us.

About the special on this tour... it's have some light at the begining, then after that we really need touch light. if not you won't see the flood cleary.

Exciting Part:
- we slide down around 20 feet.
- climb up and walk on those slippery rock
- lie down and pass over the cave
- Walk though the cave river to another side

Tuesday, August 18, 2009








Thursday, August 6, 2009



第一场,我被人攻击。。。当然是我赢了(我是SomoKing,Online Game 通常用的名称)

第二场,我回去报仇,谁攻我,我就攻回谁。。。 哈哈

第三场,对方又攻回我!!!忘了转回慢点的速度,不然他又会被我击败。。 :P




Monday, August 3, 2009

My weekend....

A bit bore... but still have plan on the previous weekend.. haha..

Friday, after work, yum cha with a few colleague. Guess what, this company environment is nice, most the staff are good also, but just don't know why we won't hang out together beside working hour... May be no one be the organizer, I think I will join if really have any outing lor. After that, go karaoke section with "ex" colleague, they last day on last friday, so can be ex-colleague now.. only 4 person during the karaoke, but never mind, as long as have song to sing, I can entertain myself already.... Here to wish all the best to Keong and Christopher. Even during working time... I not too many gossip with them, coz just dun want mix personal thing with work only.. I still can come out like crazy if no relate to "work".. haha

Saturday, long time we didn't have drinking beyond cheras area. Gary was suggest have drink on KL area, but because it's very jam. So we change the location to The Curve, at least not that jam... May be I getting older, I not really drink lot, even feel sleepy.

During the drinking section... one of them said I look different already, previously I will have a lot plan during weekend, and he always jealous about me... but what I think is, I really tire to hanging out, previously I might just go out without thinking, you ask then I go... but now a bit tire, need more time to rest at home... even my social might become small, but if a real friend, always a friend, not need meet everyday... haha

One more worst thing is, I keep on headace after drink recently, even 1 glass can make me headache another day... so on the other morning... hai~ same, headache, reall a weak body, but lucky still be able to play badminton on the morning.

Sunday night, my brother ask me to bring my grandmum for dinner... again, my grandmum asking the same question... I knew my mum and grandmum is waiting, but sometimes thing won't happen, nothing I can do also.. :D

so just wait ar... I will, but won't force myself... :P

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Krabi Trip, 3 Day 2 Night!!!!!

Finally back from Krabi, it's another family trip, and hope to continue every year, at least 1 trip with family...
For the trip, my elder sister finally pay for the flight, haha... Thank to her first...
My Brother pay for almost all the expenses and I pay for the hotel and search for the information.

Krabi, it's really a small area, the life there not as happening as Phuket. Not much tourist, may be not the peak season. but the beach is nice. my brother sisters enjoy there.. for this trip, my cousin sister followed also, as she just graduate from university, so we also hope to bring her together.. as usual, all of us sayang her a lot.. :)

what so special...
- hmmm, may be is the scene, it's a lot hill around the beach, and it's really killing my camera, shoot a lot photos of scene.
- The beach is much better the Phuket, a lot shell..
- small jungle trekking to another beach site.
- Massage on the beach site...
- Nice hotel... :P I thinking long long time, and lucky choose the nice one.. :D

Their day tour trip almost the same with Phuket, also going to Phi Phi Island, Jamesbond island, elephant trekking..... so we just choose Phi Phi island trip. As more easy trip... even I went to Phuket a few times, but this still the first time I go Phi Phi Island, not bad.. and the weather is really good... sunny day during the raining season. We really lucky.

The bad memory should be the food there, not really nice.. even the last day, all of us food poisoning... what a bad luck for this... but lucky not a serious food poison, still be able to get back home safe.. haha.

so when is my next trip? Around October, will go Macau + Hong Kong + Shen Zhen.. but still have 3 months to go, really hope can have some short trip during this period, how about Singapore? Bali again? Penang? Phuket again? hahaha... but need to save money now, cannot simply go travel like previous liao... if not, me will never have money in my account... :D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Malaysia Road Sign!!!!

Actually I thinking to show this road sign long time ago, every morning I use the same road to my office, and I knew this junction not allow to turn right all the time... Every time I pass by this junction, I really wish I can turn right here, as this can save me a few "minute" to reach my office.. haha...

But 3 months ago, they re-paint the road arrow sign... you can see it's show go straight and turn right... but on the Traffic light there, another road sign still showing not allow to turn right... I really thinking, it's really allow to turn now, or just a trap for someone looking for their coffee money? However, I never try this before, just a few minute different... so I continue go straight only...

Really Malaysia Boleh, always confusing the public...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Vteck

Yo, Vteck, even you are in Singapore right now, but we all still celebrate your birthday here, with cake ... It's make by Tracy one!!!

Birthday Song to you!!!

Wishing from them!!!!

Happy Birthday again, and.... we will send you the bill!!! haha

Thursday, June 18, 2009


年轻的魔羯都是很单纯的,我想他们也不会知道自己将从天使变成恶魔,魔羯座的人天生善良,感情也都很脆弱,也许会因为一些很小的事情难过很长时间,所以他们 通常在表面表现的酷酷的与事隔离的样子,其实他们只是不希望让别人看到他脆弱的一面,坚强,理智,承受是魔羯的代名词,他们并不是很随便的表达自己所想, 他们希望了解身边所有人的性格,并不是因为好奇,好象只是因为一种安全感,为了保护自己魔羯生出了一种特殊能力。
- 我很赞成!!
魔羯相对 任何星座来比能在最段时间看出一个人的性格无论他们在如何隐藏,这点很像天蝎但是他们却看不出对方的心,他们很容易就会了解到他们身边每一个人的优缺点, 但是他们通常不会说出来,也不会太介意,所有的魔羯都很包容对方请记得,如果有一只魔羯指出你的缺点那一定是友善的,虽然他们会用一种讽刺的口气来指出.
- 讲给你听都是为你好而已。。。
所有魔羯都拥有2个性格,只是大部分魔羯都不愿意去接受,因为他们希望自己永远的傻傻的活下去,魔羯的坏可以媲美过所有星 座,也许他们不相信,但是随着时间的积累魔羯的人在慢慢变坏,其实这也是一种自我保护,他们需要知道了解自己最后的一张王牌,做不做就看对方是否达到让魔 羯抱负的地步了,这并不是在表扬,似乎用阴险可以形容,当魔羯讨厌一个人的时候那就是一种绝对,魔羯不会随便讨厌一个人,但是如果哪个人做的太过分,这个 人会从魔羯心底彻底抹杀,如果这个人激怒了魔羯,呵呵那么这个人就只能等着灾难的降临。
- 很准也
魔羯是个比较城府的人,他们不 会表面去得罪了,但是他们会计划着让这个人知道他所做的事情将会给自己带来多大的回报,魔羯的报复手段极其残忍,他会加倍的还给你,(如果你有一天遭受到 摸名的灾难那么你去想想你在什么时候得罪了魔羯)魔羯并不会随便的去加害一个人,因为魔羯也讨厌自己的坏,他们是天才的杀手,一切的一切从很早以前就做好计划,而且这些计划在没有事件出现前他们就在考虑如何完美并无破绽的进行报复计划,也许这些和他的悲观有些联系,魔羯的人很了解世界,但他们固执的相信美 好尽管自己知道那是不可能的,大部分魔羯都讨厌坏坏的自己,当然想抛弃自己是不可能的。
- 我也不想变坏,但事实是不坏不可以
    魔羯的人都很没有安全感,他们喜欢在任何人面前装傻,这可不是一般的装傻能力,魔羯人聪明就在于这点,他们认为只有傻子在会不牵扯到任何伤害,与其做一个 聪明的人不如当一个傻子平凡而又随意,如果不是值得魔羯相信的朋友魔羯永远不会让对方知道自己会有智慧,而无论安全与不安全魔羯对朋友都很真,他们很珍惜 些朋友。
   他们最希望获得朋友的信任,如果从一个朋友那里得不到信任,他不会再与这个朋友交往下去.和魔羯接触过的人都会认为他们脾气很好,好的似乎发傻,其实他们 并不是脾气好,只是他们很会装,因为他们了解身边的朋友的所有性格,所以他们在包容对方,就算你做了什么过分的事,他们也早就想考虑好如果对方为什么会这 样做,最明显一点,你们可以去看看身边魔羯的朋友,无论你怎么做那些魔羯都不会很惊讶的,其实他们已经知道你为什么会这样了.魔羯的交友观也很随便,他们 可能会和贵族很好,也可能会和乞丐聊天,一切的一切只是心灵的交往,很少有魔羯会有势力眼,除非你这个人品太差了。
- 超准
    魔羯的人傻的可以,他们并不了解爱情,但是他们只知道爱的感觉,对于他们任何感情的表达都是一种感觉,他们很认真的感受每一个感觉,大部分感觉都可以一个 人去感觉,最失败的爱却要两个人,傻傻的魔羯一开始会认为,爱你是我自己的事情和你没关系,可是到后来越来越感觉不是滋味,于是开始对对方表白,表白成功 后却不知道如何走下一步,也许是太不浪漫在作祟,魔羯的人可能会拿任何事情开玩笑,但是在爱情方面只要他说出”我爱你”或者话题谈到将来结婚,那么他绝对 不是在开玩笑,魔羯很物质,但是这点和金牛处女不一样,他们的物质表现在爱上,他们认为给所爱的人带来无限的物质的就是最大的幸福,因为他们很自卑,唯一 能用自己努力获得来的就只有物质了。
  追求: 魔羯的追求是认真的,只要对方不让魔羯认为完全没有机会,魔羯就会像疯子一样的追求着,他们其实对自己非常没有信心,唯一的动力只是相信自己在爱着,为了对的起自己的感情,为了认真的去爱一回.
   被追求: 魔羯对于不喜欢的人不会给予任何机会,魔羯的人很善良,而且他们知道长痛不如短痛的道理,如果魔羯勉强接受了你,那也是出于一种同情心,但是 交往没几天他们就开始内疚,他们认为怜悯的爱对追求者来说是一种伤害,他们会尽量的躲避并且对追求者很冷淡追求者尽量的让追求者开始讨厌她/他.如果追求 者不理解的话,放心最长不超过一年,魔羯会很理智的告诉你别在联系了,她/他会消失的无影无纵.
  拒绝: 如果魔羯真的爱了就不会去拒绝你,永远不会.
  被拒绝: 魔羯比任何一个星座对感情都很认真,恢复伤痕的时间也很长,他们会选择消失,这样对你对他都有好处,因为他怕多看你一眼而又再次无法自拔 他怕再多看你一眼 心如刀割


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Butt Lee 的废话之第一遍


--- 如果你身边的家人,朋友突然间离开你,你会怎样面对?---




Monday, June 1, 2009

The last minute Emergency Leave for my friend

This was a last minute decision, Bong asking me to go for his ROM today. I been thinking for the past 3 days, actually I just dun want to waste my leave, haha... but not really that important, just I have responsibility to my work.

However, Gary mention that I not going so he will not go also. He really put me on the table... So, what to do, just go lor... Bong ask me to bring the camera, However, it's really a hot day. Not really a good day to have shooting at outdoor, so we just simply shoot some only.

Here, congratulation to Bong and Jun, so fast fast get a baby next year, so I got more kids to play around :D

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Cycling Tours

Bukit Cahaya, if I not mistaken, the last time I been there is more then 15 years. Few months ago, one of the friend suggest to go Bukit Cahaya for some X-treme game. But end up, we just cycling there only, and it's really tire. Too old already.

We reach the destination around 11am, then get the rent a bicycle. The place still very big, even around that area already develop for housing and some commercial place. Honestly, before I cycle, I really wish to rent the motobike, not that tire mar. But of course you cann't rent any over there.

There have a lot of new places, like durian field, rambutan field, mini zoo, 4 season house (it's winter when the time we visit)... lot and lot.

During the first session, I really cannot finished, got to stop at the half way. and waiting them to back... so shame... After having the lunch, around 3pm, some of them actually already tire, but we haven't finish the whole area (Actually really big, I think we only explore half of it only). Some of them suggest to take the "Bus" rather then cycling, but end up still cycle... haha

Around 5pm+ it's almost close, so we got to get back and return the cycle, and the trip wwas just end. As this is a mother day, need to back to celebrate with Mum. :D

Friday, May 1, 2009



2pm,约定在Leisure Mall集合。然后才去Fish Farm Restaurant吃午餐。。。为何选两点过后的午餐,因为怕在午餐时间会满桌。。。不过当我们三点到了那还是一样满桌。

Fish Farm Restaurant,位于Ampang 与 Hulu Langat 之间。它的特别之处,不是只是在大自然的环境,最重要的是食物很美味,是以泰国餐为主。

地图 : Google Map

我们共有7人,Yean, Mark, Bao, 我和我的两个表弟妹。。。点了满多东西吃,而且每一样菜都很美味。。。

午餐过后,我们边聊到五点左右,就去了Ampang Lookout Point 喝茶。既然有经过,便转一转上去看一看风景吧!聊到七点左右,我们建议去看一场戏,X Men,于是就回我家,上网查一查有没有位。。。而我也可以冲一冲凉,哈哈

看完戏了,又再喝茶 到一点凌晨才回家。我的表弟妹也和我一样玩到凌晨。。。还好舅舅信得过我,哈哈。。

Monday, April 20, 2009







Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do you remember these?

Do you remember what we play during our childhood? if you not recognice these, mean your are too young or too old.

Do you still remember them?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Day Trip - Lata Berembun Waterfall‏

Just back from another Day Trip, this time is organize by Bao also, and we get more ppl to join.
- Bao Gangs, 1 guy + 3 girls (so jealous, so many girls around him, haha)
- My site, Avis, my Cousin sister (Key), Billie and her BF (Ah Long or Uncle Koo, haha)

Lata Berembun Waterfall‏ is a waterfall near Raub, from KL around 1 hour and 30 min to drive to the bottom. But from the bottom to the top, is a bit far and advise to use 4 wheel car. That the main reason we choose this package. 4x4 car, I wish to try long long time ago. Of course I not the driver, just the passanger only.

730 morning, we gather on the WangsaMaju station, as someone been tell me that Raub need around 2 hour plus, so I tot to move earlier, as the Travel Agent said will bring us to a short Cave Tour if we reach early. Before 10 on the detination. However, we left WangsaMaju around 830, haha, as usual ~~~

However, we still manage to reach Raub around 930 +, mean we still got time to go for the short Cave tours... it's the first time I really visit a cave with a tour guide. And can know more detail about ths cave. However, as it's mention, it's a short tours. so only took around 1 hour to walk though the cave. The cave is called Cave Small (Gua Kecil), it's just a medium size. However, the guide told us it's big if really want to explore the cave. It's have a 7 level high cave on the top part. and it's still not advise to go without any equipment. We been told that this Cave also used to be the "commuties" (共藏党) home, there have the proved and a lot old chinese character there. Some writing I still can read as China ppl come to Malaysia, flight with japanes sodier... and a lot.... It's really cold inside the cave, and can see some cystal inside.

After the short cave trip, we move to a small town, KG. Sg. Klau to meet the 4 wheel car guys. we have total 9 person, so we took 2 4 x4 wheel car to move to the waterfall. It's around 45 min to go to the Waterfall, we all just sit or stand behind the car, and experience the adventure. the car pass thought the waterfall, climb up the rock road... quick adventure... ;)

as for the waterfall, actually there have 7 part. but we only stay on the bottom part. 1st, coz no one bring us to the treking road. 2nd, too cold. 3rd, tire lor.. haha

However, we drive back from KG. Sg. Klau around 5, and around 630 we reach at Bukit Tinggi to have our dinner. This another place I wish to visit long time ago, I knew there have famous river fish to eat, and every time I pass by that area just not the right time. Finally I can just try the food there. It's nice taste and not really expensive. only RM129 for 9 person. But of course depend on what we order.. haha.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

A conversation from my friend...

First, I didn't mean to hurt anyone, just would like to share something with my friends...

I know my friend is concern me, but I just got some offence feeling from the conversation...

francky speaking,i feel very sad cos u all i koe very kind ppl but u all not wan change ur mind n become a new ppl.jz wan told u,wan u have in tis world cant take together when everyone had leave tis world.

if u all not believe G(yehehua),no change v ur attitude and til use ur old mind to life,u ll feel very tong ku (mean suffer) cos tis not the real way

jz wan to tell u,hell is very tongku,is very kong bu (mean scary) place

when u had go inside the hell,u ll not get out forever, at the time u wan regret oso no use

of course,i koe everyone got freedom,got freedom to choise anything

God oso gv all ppl freedom to choose wan believe him o not?

God oso not force ppl to believe him.jz wan to tell u,if u in tis world not believe God n not change urself to good ppl.

at the end u ll go hell

There still have more to continue, just would like ask my friend, what your feeling after read the above conversation?

- concern me? I know, but is it the right way?
- I disagree it, am I stuborn?
- Am I really a bad ppl will go hell?

but from beginning, I never reply any bad word or commend back. I just mention dun like the "Hell" word keep on repeat. I agree I have some bad habit, but I dun think I doing wrong thing.

This is only 30% of the converstion, coz not good to put all...

Let's discuss, my friends...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bali 四日游。。。


- Avis (Ms Perfect Girl)
- Yean (Ms Cool Girl)
- Reiz (Ms Sexy)
- Daniel (Dacing King)
- Mark (Mr Dua Riggit. or Mr Nice Guy, not me already)
- 刚认识不久的Ester 和她的妈妈,在中途加入我们。
- Tracy 的弟弟与他的朋友们。





Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bangkok Trip Again


二月十五日,四点一早我已开车去接大家了,Bao, Char 和 Avis。我们的飞机是早上七点,所以我们得在六点前抵达飞机场。
一早抵达Khao San Road,我便去找找看哪一间旅店比较便宜(其实我心目中已有了选择),结果还是选回Rikka Inn,一天才80而已,还有游泳池呢!放下旅行包了,便要解决我们的午餐。然后又在附近走走。。。其实每次到泰国,我都很想做一件外套,终于,Avis 陪我一起癫,我做了一套外套,而她做了两件长裤。过后,我们得知Chatuchak(道地的一个购物地点)是六点左右就收摊了,所以就出发到哪儿。而我们的Taxi也是免费的,因为我们答应去逛一逛珠宝店,而他也有Commision收。。。因为我们真的买了些金链之类的东西。

Chatuchak真的是很道地的广场,没那么多游客。而卖的东西也比较便宜。我们逛了有三个小时吧!当然是要来个脚低按摩咯。过后也比较夜了,我们就向下一个地点出发!并不是搭Taxi,而是搭地铁。目的地就是Silom站,位于Patpong附近(曼谷最出名的夜生活)。而我们的地点并不是那儿,而是Soi Thaniya (曼谷的日本街),整条街都是日本店,不过我们到时已经关门了。不过可以见识那儿的夜生活,当然到处都是那些妓女。过后也发现到有Gay Street,我只是走进20%的路程就转头了。。。

吃了晚餐就回到Khao San咯,女的就累了,也早点回房睡了。而我和Bao就在Khao San逛一逛,Bao也做了个“假"Tatoo。不过真的很累,回到房间,一冲了凉就睡了。。。

我们的目的地是Ayutthaya,离曼谷越80KM的古迹。也是我满期待的一个地方。虽然我去了曼谷有三次了,可是还没到过哪儿去。而要去那,也有几个方法,火车,Taxi,座船或跟旅行团。而我们选择了乘Taxi,因为比较便宜和方便。我也可以慢慢的拍照。大约早上六点我们就出发了,直到下午三点,才从Ayutthaya 回来。

过后也只是在Khao San 逛一逛和晚餐!而我们大家也一起做了“假”Tatoo,我也来了一个,哈哈。。。晚上有再来脚低按摩咯。。。


我们的晚餐,就在曼谷最高的大厦。79楼的高厦晚餐,还很不错吧?而也还蛮便宜,只是50而已。。。 哈哈


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The day before CNY

A few week didn't wrote my blog, actually almost all the week have something on, just have no time to post it up (should be lazy, haha)
  • 10 January : Every year I will go Perak Dong (Ipoh) to have some pray. What I going to pray? normally are pray for my family and career only, but only will do it once or twice a year. haha
    However, I reach Ipoh around 4, but after 2 hours searching around. I still cannot found that temple I looking for. I been there more then 5 times, I really cannot beleave I cannot found that Temple :(, however they will close at 6, so I have to give up and back to KL after having the Ipoh Noodle. :)
  • 11 January : As usual have badminton on the morning session, then we hang out to have buffer lunch @ Xenri Japanese Cuisine (Old Klang Road). It's to celebrate Kevin's birthday, previously we have too many surprise party, so now just have a normal birthday celebration :P
  • 16 January : Bao call up and asking drink, and we choose Alexis as we want to try out the live Jazz Band long time ago, the place is nice, but the seat is a bit old, it's time for them to refurnish their seat. Before going Alexis, we having the dinner at Kiku Zakura, one of my favourite Japan Restaurant, but their food standard was drop, hope they can improve again.
  • 17 January : actually planned to go to Ipoh again and look for the Temple, but there was an incident happend last weekend, so I plan to delay the trip after CNY. And go for my CNY shopping with my couson sister.
  • 23 January : The CNY is near, and my old friend also back from Australia. I offer to fetch her from Airport as I worry have no time to meet her during her holiday, as she only will stay for 3 weeks this time.
  • 24 January : Another shopping with friends again, haha... at the same nite, we have Karaoke with Yan Leng and also have some new friends joining us too. Its really a happening night, I almost get drunk during that karaoke session.
  • 25 January : It's last day before CNY, stay at home the whole afternoon, because.... I keep on vomit after wakeup, drink too much during Karaoke lor. and everning have re-union dinner at home. Then night time go for movie, "Underworld 3", no really a nice movie for me....

and the CNY start!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my friend.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday Gift for Myself

Yeah, just to show off, I finally bought the HTC Touch HD for my birhtday, hahaha

New Year Party @ my condo

1/1/2009, Happy New Year to all my friends. It's a new begin again...

Tracy was organize a group of friends to have a steam boat at my condo. Early morning, guys have a healthy badminton, girls prepared for the steam boat. At first, we have around 18 persons to come my condo, but end up 4 persons were sick... however, it's still a lot of people in my condo first time, and also with 6 kids, very happening!

After lunch steam boat, I set up the Mahjong game, but this time is for girls only. Guy were chating, smoking, drinking.... the kids were enjoy their game, and they really make terrible noise...

Around evening, we still have a lot extra food, so we decide to have another steamboat... and finally we finished all the food... around 8++, all of them went back for rest, and I spend around 1 hour to clear up the house... hihi.. only 1 hour? of course, my condo small only mar.. but really have a wonderful day with my buddies.