Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Cycling Tours

Bukit Cahaya, if I not mistaken, the last time I been there is more then 15 years. Few months ago, one of the friend suggest to go Bukit Cahaya for some X-treme game. But end up, we just cycling there only, and it's really tire. Too old already.

We reach the destination around 11am, then get the rent a bicycle. The place still very big, even around that area already develop for housing and some commercial place. Honestly, before I cycle, I really wish to rent the motobike, not that tire mar. But of course you cann't rent any over there.

There have a lot of new places, like durian field, rambutan field, mini zoo, 4 season house (it's winter when the time we visit)... lot and lot.

During the first session, I really cannot finished, got to stop at the half way. and waiting them to back... so shame... After having the lunch, around 3pm, some of them actually already tire, but we haven't finish the whole area (Actually really big, I think we only explore half of it only). Some of them suggest to take the "Bus" rather then cycling, but end up still cycle... haha

Around 5pm+ it's almost close, so we got to get back and return the cycle, and the trip wwas just end. As this is a mother day, need to back to celebrate with Mum. :D

Friday, May 1, 2009



2pm,约定在Leisure Mall集合。然后才去Fish Farm Restaurant吃午餐。。。为何选两点过后的午餐,因为怕在午餐时间会满桌。。。不过当我们三点到了那还是一样满桌。

Fish Farm Restaurant,位于Ampang 与 Hulu Langat 之间。它的特别之处,不是只是在大自然的环境,最重要的是食物很美味,是以泰国餐为主。

地图 : Google Map

我们共有7人,Yean, Mark, Bao, 我和我的两个表弟妹。。。点了满多东西吃,而且每一样菜都很美味。。。

午餐过后,我们边聊到五点左右,就去了Ampang Lookout Point 喝茶。既然有经过,便转一转上去看一看风景吧!聊到七点左右,我们建议去看一场戏,X Men,于是就回我家,上网查一查有没有位。。。而我也可以冲一冲凉,哈哈

看完戏了,又再喝茶 到一点凌晨才回家。我的表弟妹也和我一样玩到凌晨。。。还好舅舅信得过我,哈哈。。